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An examination of users and non-users of self-checkout counters

BA5004QA - Business Research Methods

Part one 25% of total marks

Title: An examination of users and non-users of self-checkout counters

In this part, you are asked to refer to and familiarise yourself with the research article entitled “An examination of users and non-users of self-checkout counters” and respond to the requirements

1. Aim and Research questions
Explain briefly, the aim of this research article and state the research questions chosen by the authors of this research paper. [Max: 100 words]

2. Survey instrument
A. Referring to the “Survey instrument” used in this study, explain how this instrument was organised and name each section. [Max: 100 words]
B. Refer to the second section of this instrument, name the concept that is measured and in how many factors it was subdivided. How many items form each factor? [Max: 50 words]
C. The article refers to the Cronbach 𝛼 coefficients. What do these represent and why it is important to include them in this paper? [Max: 100 words]

3. Data collection
Name and explain the sampling method used for the collection of data. Explain whether the responses were random and independent by giving evidence from the text.
[Max: 100 words]

4. Findings
A. Referring to the section “Demographic variables in the use of self-checkout counters”, the authors have concluded that there is no difference in the use of self-checkout counters
across different demographic segments. What evidence have they given to evidence this conclusion? [Max: 50 words]

B. In the same section, the report for the chi-squared test against the variable “Age” reads “𝜒2(4) = 4.06, 𝑝 = 0.40, 𝜙 = 0.07”. What is “4” in this report and explain how it was
calculated? [Max: 30 words]

C. Referring to the section “Evaluation of self-checkout counters”, an independent t-test was used to compare the average scores for all the measures between users and non-users.
Explain what could be the reason that all the test results were found to be statistically significant but with moderate effect sizes. [Max: 50 words]

5. Conclusion and further research The authors referred to a “recent” study. What does this study suggest and what future
research could be conducted to test it? [Max: 50 words]

Note: Any calculations or equations you will use will not be part of the general word count.

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