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Contracts in a pharmaceutical company

1. Project (research topic) Title

Provide a concise and clear title of the research project work being undertaken by you.

2. Introduction (600 words)
(a) Provide a brief introduction to your research topic, giving out the business company/ industry overview, including the issues/ problems prevalent in the organisation/ concerned industry/ sector.
(b) Give out the aim of the research project, objectives and the research questions of your project work.

3. Literature Review (1200 words)
(a) Show how your research work fits into the literature available on your subject matter. Also, show how your research objectives/ questions intend to fill in the gaps and/ or extend knowledge after going through the available literature.
(b) You must refer to at least 10-12 good sources of literature, out of which at least 6-8 or more should be references from recognized academic publications found in peer reviewed articles/ journals.

4. Research Process (800 words)
(a) Give out your research philosophy, research approaches and the methodology you will follow to conduct the research.
(b) Give out the methods of collecting your primary data, discuss the population and sampling methods you will use, by justifying the same.
(c) Discuss ethics, reliability and validity measures you are going to adopt in your research work.

5. Resources Access for Primary and Secondary Data (400 words)
(a) What resources you will access for collection of your primary and secondary data?
(b) What arrangements are being made to access primary and secondary data from your chosen organisation/ industry?

6. Research plan and timelines of thesis submission
(a) Please provide a plan of stages of your research development and thesis writing, with a time‐line of proposed goals for your program.
(b) Your time-lines should include your plan right from the preparatory stage, to writing the various chapters of the dissertation, to the final write up and submission of the project.
(c) The time-lines can be put in a tabular form and a Gantt chart made for the same thereafter.

7. References /Bibliography of planned reading
(a) Please provide references/ bibliography as per the Harvard Referencing System format.
(b) It must contain good quality references from journals/ articles and other good sources.

No# of Pages:
13 pages (3,250 words)

Paper Style:

No# of Sources Required:

English (U.K)

The topic is Contracts in a pharmaceutical company:

the contracts should be :

  • Technical / Quality Agreements
  • Confidential Agreement
  • Procurement agreements explain type of contracts:
  • FOB prices
  • CIF prices
  • Exworks prices

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