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Discuss whether developing countries need fixed exchange rates.

Global Finance (MMN324978) 

Assignment 2: Policy Memorandum 

Weight 40%

Total 100 marks

Choose from any one of the following topics:

Word Count: a maximum of 1,750 words report (+/-20%)

You will be penalized for being short of, or for exceeding 1,750 words limit by more than 20% i.e. 350 words

 1. Discuss whether developing countries need fixed exchange rates.

 2. Describe and evaluate the effects of adopting the currency of another country.

 3. Discuss the US China trade war

 Total marks: 100

The submission deadline: 4:00p. m., 10th of January 2022


Your memo should include an executive summary (not longer than one page). Using bullet points (or paragraphs) you will highlight the main argument and key recommendations. In other words, this is a summary of the topic and your findings that guide the reader through the memo’s outline. The policy memo must contain at least 10 references (sources of your research). All sources of information used should be cited in the text and fully referenced at the end of your work (in the References section). You are expected to use the Harvard system for citing and referencing in line with the universities guidelines available through the following link: http://www.gcu.ac.uk/library/subjecthelp/referencing/harvardreferencing/. Discuss whether developing countries need fixed exchange rates.

Neither the executive summary not the references section will count in 1,750 words count.

Please read the University guidelines concerning plagiarism. These rules will be strictly applied. See http://www.gcu.ac.uk/library/smile/plagiarismandreferencing/plagiarism/

This final assignment should include

  1. Executive summary
  2. Background and context of the problem
  3. Recommendations/Alternatives/Limitations and barriers
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

Additionally, you may wish to include appendices in the form of company reports, etc. Bear in mind, that you should only include appendices that have been analysed or are relevant.

Presentation of the assignment

1.Text should be double line spaced and fully justified

2.Footnotes, appendices and indented quotations should be single line spaced

3.Pages should be numbered using Arabic (1,2...)

4.Times New Roman 12 point font should be used.

5.One-inchmargins should be used

The front page of your memo should include the title of the assignment, the Header (to, from, date, subject), names, word count, and the following declaration, which should be signed by all of the group members: “This piece of coursework is our own and original work and has not been submitted elsewhere in fulfilment of the requirements of this or any other award” Discuss whether developing countries need fixed exchange rates.


Completed work should be submitted ONLY via the Turnitin Assignment on this module’s GCULearn. As part of its commitment to quality and the maintenance of academic standards, GCU operates the plagiarism detection service "TurnItInUK". This assignment, as well as some information about you, will be submitted to the service.

Work not submitted via Turnitin will be treated as a non-submission, even if a paper copy has been submitted.

In accordance with University Assessment Regulations, late submission may not be marked unless you have agreed with the Module Leader an extension prior to the deadline. In extenuating circumstances, submissions after the deadline should be accompanied by a MITs and the necessary supporting evidence.

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