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1. Analyse, demonstrate and categorise the dynamic behaviour of systems through mathematical models of real systems using appropriate simulation software (MATLAB/Simulink)

UFMFFK-15-2 Flight (2019/20), Resit Flight Coursework Specification - RESIT Flight Performance and Stability

1. Learning Outcomes

Following the successful completion of this coursework you will be able to

1. Analyse, demonstrate and categorise the dynamic behaviour of systems through mathematical models of real systems using appropriate simulation software (MATLAB/Simulink) [Assessed in component B2]

2. Assess the principles of operation of control technology and thus analyse their suitability for a given task [Assessed in component A2 B2]

3. Apply automatic control theory during the design of controllers using a number of methods such as pole placement, to modify the dynamic behaviour of systems [Assessed in component A2 B2]

4. Evaluate, design and implement solutions to real control problems [Assessed in component A2 B2]

Secondary learning outcomes are experimental data acquisitions with wind tunnel and the flight simulator, correlation of computer simulations with acquisitions, report writing and programming skills development. Even though the reporting component only accounts for a small portion of the overall mark report writing is a requisite skill for engineers. For almost all industry deliverables and assessment methods the duty remains on the author(s) to demonstrate they have met the specifications and communicate their competence. Your ability to communicate clearly and effectively will affect your grade.

2. Background/Context A classical control strategy (I-PD) is required for a short period model for the Ikarus C42 light aircraft in cruise conditions. The flight test data will be provided as part of the UFMFFK-15-2 module. If you are not undertaking these modules in parallel to UFMFB7-30-2, please speak to Pritesh ([email protected]) to get access to this data.

3. Requirements

Individuals are required to deliver the following in the engineering report:

• Determine the short response transfer function of the Ikarus C42 aircraft analytically and validate your transfer function by simulating as an open loop response in Simulink. (hint: Refer to Nelson, Flight Stability and Control 2nd edition p284)

• Design and implement an IPD controller in Simulink to meet/exceed response requirements from first principles (requirements are: overshoot = 10% and 95% settling time = 1 second).

• Implement physical constraints (i.e. max elevator deflection and rotation rate) in simulation via SIMULINK

o Apply PID tuning rules in SIMULINK and show gap to requirements with physical constraints in place.

o Re-size/re-design the aircraft horizontal stabiliser and elevator to meet/exceed the original controller performance requirements

Individuals are required to deliver the following sections individually in the reflective report:

• Abstract; discussion and reflective conclusions

3.1.Calculations All calculations shall be completed using MATLAB/Simulink.

4. Project Structure Your project shall be executed as if you were delivering to a business manager in an engineering company. The final submission the following milestones have been defined

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