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1. Analyse the contemporary issues influencing the delivery of critical care services

Health is not an area of important EU competence; its role is by and large limited to supporting member states in their health endeavours.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Analyse the contemporary issues influencing the delivery of critical care services

2. Critically evaluate the evidence-base underpinning critical care nursing

Using evidence from your practice area, you are required to demonstrate, evaluate and critically reflect on your skills in providing safe and evidence- based care. Yox work must include a range of evidence and demonstrate the following in reation to ONE aspect of your nursing care, whilst meeting the MAN MET standard descriptors for grading level 6 work:

. Identify a patient from your clinical practice and provide a holistic introduction. This should introduce the person you are caring for and nclude physical (age, presenting condition, relevant, PMH, diagnosis), psychological and social information in order to provide sufficient contextual basis for this case study.

. Select ONE of your patient’s care needs that has required your support or intervention, such as fluid replacement therapy, tracheal suctioning, pain management, sedation, communication or any other relevant aspect of care. Provide a clear rationale for your selection of this nursing intervention related to this specific patient. Explore and critically analyse the nursing care provided for this individual and demonstrate critical awareness of the evidence-base underpinning practice and clinical decision-making.

. Analyse the impact of this contemporary evidence in developing your future nursing practice. Relating to the subject area discussed above, is there any aspect of practice you feel could be enhanced or developed to improve patent care? Note this section may be presented as a separate section or embedded in your exploration of care.

. Students are reminded that the same subject area cannot be used for this unit and the advancing unit.

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