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1. Campaigns on Digital/Online Platforms

Assignment Introduction

Social media and networking platforms are evolutionary by nature – what started as a way to connect with one another socially and to establish a network of collective and mutual benefits has now evolved to become an effective digital marketing tool, relying on the user’s feedback, recommendations and participation.


Students – in your own individual capacity – are tasked to select a brand of wearable technology that have recently (in the past 4 years) launched a new product (or new brand of service or product extension) for the Asian market. Students should look into how the brand taps into social and digital communities in and around the region to build their online and digital brand presence using social networking platforms.


Students should also examine the brand’s competitor’s social networking platforms and other social media channels to promote their products/services.


Assignment Criteria

This is an individual assignment essay and should be completed on the individual level. You must follow the recommended criteria below for this assignment:

  1. Use Harvard Referencing Method (journal articles, books, online article, etc.) Please provide clear in-text referencing and reference list (use Harvard Referencing Method).


Assignment – (FITBIT)

  1. Fitbit’s Campaign Examples – At Least TWO (2) latest Campaigns on Digital/Online Platforms
  2. Fitbit’s Campaign Analysis – (SWOT Analysis for each campaign)
  3. Competitors’ Campaign Analysis – (SWOT Analysis for each campaign)
  4. Perceptual Mapping (Benchmark with Competitors)
  5. Recommendations – Solutions to Overcome the Issues Presented from the Analysis.



  1. 1.      Campaigns on Digital/Online Platforms

(2 latest digital/online campaigns between 2014-2018, with pictures)

  1. 2.      Campaign Analysis

2.1.   Fitbit Campaign 1 SWOT Analysis

2.2.   Fitbit Campaign 2 SWOT Analysis


  1. 3.      Competitors’ Campaign SWOT Analysis

(Choose 3 competitors - 2 latest digital/online campaigns for each competitor, with pictures)


  1. 4.      Perceptual Mapping
  2. 5.      Recommendations

(1-2 paragraphs) based on weaknesses and threats

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