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1. Critically analyse key theoretical approaches to the management of change with reference to structure, culture, conflict and managing self

People & Organisations:

The assessment for this module is in the form of a Portfolio of work, designed to expand your knowledge of the topic through in-depth research and peer discussion.  It is vital that you engage with this methodology from the outset, otherwise you will place yourself at a considerable disadvantage. For Overseas students, it is worth noting that the style of teaching, module delivery and assessment in the UK may be very different from that which you have experienced in your home countries and it is essential that you immerse yourselves in these.
As mentioned in Writ 1, there are four sections within your coursework, each with a set of questions to be answered. Each section has a recommended word count, with a tolerance of +/- 10%.  The word count reflects the proportion of marks awarded for each question. They are designed to reflect the range of topics covered during the module and there will be plenty of opportunity for peer review and generic feedback on your written work as we progress through the module. It is therefore to your advantage to bring drafts of your written work to seminars when instructed to do so. You are much less likely to pass this assessment if you have not undertaken a range of reading related to each of our weekly topics.

Your second assignment is designed to utilise the feedback you received from Writ 1, in order to address the last two sections of the coursework. You will make the final submission of this written work via Turnitin Link on Moodle, no later than 5pm UK time on Friday 8th May 20200

Guidance Notes:

You should compile your work in report format, and may use a range of headings and sub-headings, graphs, charts and diagrams to illustrate your work.  You must include reference to academic theory or models, contemporary good practice throughout each question. You must answer all questions.

The work should include a front sheet, bearing your name, student number, module name and number and the date.  There should be a contents page showing what can be found on which pages.  There should be a full reference list, in Harvard format, at the end of your work.  The work should be presented with double-line spacing, in 12 pitch font, either Arial or Calibri.

Section 3: Managing Chang

  1. Critically analyse at least one contemporary (modern) theoretical approach to the management of change, including strengths and weaknesses.  Explain, with reference to academic theory, the potential impacts of change upon people at different levels within this an organisation compan(Approx 1,000 words)   (Learning Outcomes 1 and 4). 35 marks available

Section 4: Models of HRM and bundles of HR Policies and Practices

  1. With reference to academic theory, explain how and why HRM strategy aligns with organisational strategy. You should use tables, charts and diagrams to support your answer.  Approx 400 words. 15 marks available

  2. Explain the academic concept of ‘bundles of HR policies and Practices’.  Choose three specific HR practices to show how they support managers and employees to improve individual, team and organisational performance. Approx 600 words. 20 marks available

 (Learning outcomes 3 and 4).

Evidence of Wider Reading:  Your work will also be evaluated for use of a range of wider reading (beyond module content) at Master’s level. This should be evidenced throughout the assignment.  In-text references and your full reference list should be presented in Harvard format. 30 marks available

Your work is intended to satisfy the learning outcomes below and will be marked according to the criteria shown overleaf:-

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. Critically analyse key theoretical approaches to the management of change with reference to structure, culture, conflict and managing self
  2. Critically examine organisational behaviour in a variety of contexts and develop discussion based on complex scenarios and the changing external environment
  3. Develop,  explore and critique human resource management approaches in these contexts with reference to contemporary theory and an understanding of current practice
  4. A conceptual understanding of the core theories in understanding people and their role in organisations

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