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1. Critically analyse the systematic approach to the performance management process as part of human resource development within the hospitality industry.



Foundation Degree in Hospitality Management


Managing and Developing People in the Hospitality Industry




January 2020 / Spring 2021









Individual essay


Staff development and engagement training











Learning Outcomes Covered:

LO3: Evaluate the benefits of staff development and engagement.

Maximum word length:            2,500 words


Assessment Descriptions:

This assessment is for individual essay writing with a maximum word limit of 2,500 words plus or minus 10%. Words in tables, diagrams and appendices including reference lists will not be counted. Students should note that there may be penalties for assessments which are over or under the permitted word count.

Assessment Submission Guidance:

Students should provide a completed assessment cover sheet with all essential  details. This assessment should be submitted in electronic format via college systems on or before the submission deadline. The e-submission system will not allow late submissions.

Assessment Aim

After completion of this assessment questions, all the students will be able to understand the performance management process, stages of high-performance team development, 21st century leadership styles and causes of conflict, conflict management skills and strategies within the hospitality organisations.

Assessment Scenario:

Staff development and engagement training

Assume that you have been selected as a part time management trainee within  the Human Resources department in one the reputed hotel chain in London (For example: Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Four Seasons, Le Meridian, Sofitel, Intercontinental, Savoy and Lanesborough hotel etc). You are working under the Human Resources department and you are reporting to the Director of Human Resources.

The Director of Human Resources invites you to attend the ‘International Hospitality Human Resources Staff Development and Engagement seminar’ at the Excel centre in London. You realise this is a good opportunity to network with other HR practitioners. You arrive at the seminar and are introduced to the other attendees, who include directors as well as HR specialist (compensation, employee relations, training and development) managers.

The topic of the seminar is staff development and engagement within the hospitality organisations. Several guest speakers provide presentations about the following: Performance management, high performance team development, leadership in the 21st century and conflict management skills and strategies.

As part of your career development programme, your reporting director requested you to write an individual essay about the following questions, this essay will be assessed at the time of your yearly performance review.

Assessment Questions

You must answer to all the questions in this section.

1. Critically analyse the systematic approach to the performance management process as part of human resource development within the hospitality industry. (LO3, 25 marks)

2. Analyse the stages of Team Development for the creation of high-performance team within your selected hospitality organisation. (LO3, 25 marks)

3. Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding about leadership in the 21st century within the hospitality organisation. (LO3, 25 marks)

4. Identify and analyse the causes of conflict, conflict-management skills and strategies within the leadership development process. (LO3, 25 marks)

Assessment Format Guidance

You are advised to use the following format:

Title page - Please use the London Met Assessment cover page.

Contents page - Should be provided with page numbers.

Introduction - The background, the context and the aim of the report. Starts on Page 1.

Sections - As many as necessary in line with the tasks required by you. (For answers to all the four questions).

Conclusion - Overall findings of the investigation: the overall picture that has emerged and the implications for the module.

References - Identification of literature and other sources used and referred in the text. Ensure that all references are quoted for definitions, web-sourced and other materials. Submission of a report without references will not be allowed. Use Harvard Reference System for in-text references and Bibliography.

Appendices - Do not provide appendices, unless agreed with your module tutor.

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