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1. Critically evaluate the risk management process and develop a risk register and associated matrices to both identify and perform a risk analysis for dealing with the project stakeholders and possible environmental impact of the proposed project

Assignment: Project Management Practice

Word: 2250

Referencing: Harvard style 

Assessment Task Details and Instructions

1.0 Brief

 1.1 Key assumptions and your role

For the purposes of this task you should assume that you are employed by the North West Strategic Alliance (NWSA) as their Project Management Consultant. The project is at an early stage with stakeholder consultation still ongoing. The project cost and duration are vague and your expertise will be needed to develop a realistic project cost and duration.

1.2 Scenario (This scenario is fictitious and for the assessment purposes only)

MSA is a partnership of universities, colleges and other stakeholders who collectively deliver promote the progression of vocational learners into Higher Education. NWSA have identified within their strategic plan for 2020 – 2025 the opportunities presented by recent government commitments to fund a significant increase in the delivery of Higher Apprenticeships. As a result, NWSA are consulting on the viability of a new “Innovative Engineering and Construction Centre” to be situated alongside the M61 (Horwich Area) corridor in Greater Manchester. The Centre will draw on the specialist skills of the Universities and Colleges in the North West.

Key features of the development to note include:

• 6 storey, 21,000m2 main building including two 250 seat lecture theatres.

• 30 seminar rooms, a central catering facility, coffee shop styled area, office accommodation for academic and administrative staff and student support areas.

• 2 storey 5,000m2 research centre providing specialist construction and engineering laboratory facilities.

• 4 storey 8,000m2 central learning centre, providing student services including open access rooms, silent study areas, group study rooms and a library facility.

• 6 acres of land fitted site cabins and all needed infrastructure of construction of live projects by the students. Assessment Brief Form 9

• A purpose-built factory for the manufacture of battery that can be used for phones and cars.

• External works including infrastructure development.

NWSA require that the project achieves and excellent BREEAM environmental rating. The clients desire that offsite construction techniques is employed on the project however, they require a strong justification and feasibility of its use on the project.

There is a great potential for the project to improve the economy of the area but there are several oppositions due to the environmental impact the project poses on the area. The consultants are expected to carry out feasibility studies on the project which will not only involve technical feasibility but also take account of environmental, economic and political and such other factors that would influence stakeholder and risk management.

1.3 Tasks

Your task is to develop a strategic response to this scenario. This should be presented as a report to the head of GMSA. You are required to produce a report that satisfies the following requirements

1. Critically evaluate the risk management process and develop a risk register and associated matrices to both identify and perform a risk analysis for dealing with the project stakeholders and possible environmental impact of the proposed project. An indicative number of 12 risk issues should be identified and justified.

2. Based on extant literature, critically analyse Value Management in relation to the project and make recommendations (indicative of 5 recommendations) to the client on feasible solutions to identified problems that will give the client the best Value for Money (VfM).

3. The recent Dame Judith Hackitt Review following the Grenfell fire incidence puts more pressure on the construction industry regard quality management in the delivery of construction project. With clear reference to “Juran trilogy” of quality management, develop a quality management strategy that will be used on the proposed project.

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