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1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of effective techniques of information preparation and presentation within a specific context.

BUS6005 Business Analysis and Planning

Learning Outcomes:

After completing the module, you should be able to:

1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of effective techniques of information preparation and presentation within a specific context.

2. Identify and implement a data collection strategy using a range of primary and secondary sources

3. Apply a complex range of techniques to analyse data

4. Utilise software as an aid to decision making and control

As part of your role as a service manager in the healthcare sector, you are to promote the ‘NHS integrated working strategy’. This is also supported by the ‘five year ‘forward thinking’ policy (NHS, 2015). With a service user group in mind (e.g. young people, elderly service users etc.), prepare an annual service review report to be submitted to the Mayor of a named local council (or local authority). The report follows on from a ‘service user consultation project’ for which a 1 million grant funding was made available to your client user group. The funders have asked that the 1 million funding cover a 3-year budget plan detailing how the project activities will be resourced.

Task 1: Question: a. What is the strategic relevance of the ‘NHS Five Year Forward View’ to your project especially as it pertains to integrated working with key partners to deliver your chosen service? b. Present a short summary discussion exploring why a report will be best suited to presenting your annual service review to the local authority.

Task 2: Question: Critically discuss the key similarities and differences between qualitative, quantitative and secondary data types. How might each of these be beneficial in helping you complete your annual service review report?

Task 3: Question: Develop and present a 3-year budget to support your service plan. This should show how you will spend the 1 million pounds over the 3 years. You may wish to make assumptions about the income and outgoings including medium and long-term decisions you will wish to make.

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