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1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the relationship between crime and social diversity

Crime and social stratification - 2000 word (maximum including reference list) critical commentary. Allow 1500 words for the written commentary (plus or minus ten per cent) and approximately 500 words for the reference list (that should equate to around 20 references)

Coursework 2: Critical commentary to focus on Phase Two: Crime and Social Stratification: age and crime

Critical argument based on one of the issues covered in the workshops drawing on relevant literature and theory

Present in Word document using 12 point font (Times New Roman) or equivalent size alternative font, double line-spaced

Title page to include:

Your student number

Module number and title (306CRM Crime and Social Diversity)

Module leader:

Title (Coursework 2: Critical commentary)

Year (2018/19)

•             The assignment

•             A list of references at the end of each assignment to include all of the references in the text of the assignment listed in alphabetical order of lead author surname.

•             Present the critical commentary in A4 Word format using 12-point font text with double line spacing. Do NOT present in single line-spacing. the word count for this assignment at the end of the text before the reference list.

  1. Be critically reflective.
  2. You may write from your perspective (first person)
  3. Assess key issues from workshop analyses and draw your own conclusions
  4. Present your argument backed up by evidence (from proper sources properly referenced)
  5. Demonstrate awareness of how your chosen topics relate to other module topics (synthesis)
  6. Relate to theoretical framework

Critical commentary or a critical analysis paper. A critical commentary is basically your chance to evaluate a referenced work by drawing in on aspects that you may agree with, and offering a critique for the points that you may feel have not been expressed correctly. For instance, you may be asked to identify bias, consider the context of the text and propose an alternative depiction of the issue.

A critical commentary involves exploring a particular social issue and evaluating its effects and consequences. It should take the form of the development of an argument from your own standpoint; that is, your own opinion based on your informed understanding of the issue and with an appropriate evidence base to substantiate your view. Ordinarily it would be a concise statement produced from the kind of conceptual plan that is the subject of coursework 1, except in this case you will choose one of the topics from phase two of the module: Crime and Social Stratification for the critical commentary. First you will choose your broad topic area, for example age and crime or gender and crime, and then you will need to focus on a specific issue within that area. Please note this assignment is NOT AN ESSAY. If you write it as a typical essay you will be marked down.

i) The sources for the development of your ideas and argument - for example:

Fear of crime and high crime levels have been inexorably linked to physical deterioration in neighbourhoods (Wilson and Kelling 1982).

Module learning outcomes:

1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the relationship between crime and social diversity

2. Analyse the relationship between crime and the effects of social change

3. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the differential experience of crime by particular social groups.

4. Explain how specific social groups experience criminal justice in Britain.

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