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1. Demonstrated self-insight concerning their own personal and professional strengths and weaknesses.

Professional Skills BMS0064


During the course of this module, you will have engaged in a process of self-analysis in relation to your professional skills and should have made demonstrable progress in advancing specific skills and/or competencies. Each student will have a different starting point (some students having extensive work experience, others having limited work experience) and so the nature of development will therefore vary considerably between students

Assessment and the module learning outcomes

1. Demonstrated self-insight concerning their own personal and professional strengths and weaknesses.

2. Created a personal and professional development programme

3. Initiated and participated in a range of activities to demonstrate progress in the development of skills and experience they have identified for development

4. Reflected on their own personal skills, identity and responsibility in the context of business management

5. Demonstrate a range of personal and professional skills such as engage in a process of self-analysis and professional development planning and goal setting.

6. Proactively initiate or seek out development opportunities.

7. Engage in realistic reflection on their own performance. 

Part 1: Organisational analysis

An analysis of the type of organisation you would like to work for. You do not have to identify a specific organisation but you are expected to research the industry sector to produce a detailed analysis which must consider and include:

 What is its size? What are the current challenges and opportunities it faces? How might these affect you? What kind of jobs you might enter as a Masters graduate?

Part 2: An analysis of yourself in relation to your professional skills and the industry sector of your choice.

You must use tools and theories to develop and evidence this evaluation and analysis and include:  An evaluation of your current professional skills and/or competencies.  An analysis of critical incidents experienced during the module and/or course so far, what you have learned from these and how you might utilise this learning in future.

Part 3: A detailed personal and professional development programme This should be informed by and utilise a reflective approach to understanding your own professional development needs and include:

  • An explanation and justification for how you approached designing your action plan
  • Provide evidence of progress already made in relation to your development
  • An Action Plan for your future which explores both your personal and professional development.

Part 4: Appendices This should not include any analysis and is only for providing supporting evidence that you have undergone a process of personal development in relation to professional skills. As such it does not need to include everything, but should be useful to the reader and add further insights. 

Professional Skills BMS0064

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