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1. Develop competence in the following areas: - analytical skills through accounting case analysis

EAC694 - Advanced Report Writing

Subject Title 
Advanced Report Writing

Subject Description 
This subject will reinforce business communications skills,financial accounting and managerial accounting skills which have been gained in previous accounting courses and communication courses. Business ethics and relationship management will be introduced. Students will practice case analysis techniques, report writing techniques and prepare related financial exhibits. Students will take part in group presentations using technology and visual materials.

Credit Status EAC694 - Advanced Report Writing
EAC 694 is a required credit course for students in the third year of the Accounting and Finance program.

Learning Outcomes 
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1. Develop competence in the following areas:
- analytical skills through accounting case analysis
- written, oral, and interpersonal skills
- business communication, report writing and presentation skills
- additional experience in microcomputer applications

2. Students will specifically develop and demonstrate their competence in analyzing financial accounting, managerial accounting, business ethics and relationship management case studies so as to:
- identify and prioritize the relevant issues
- identify and evaluate alternative courses of action
- identify appropriate recommendations and implementation plans

3. Students will specifically develop and demonstrate their competence in written expression, reading, and oral expression by:

- analyzing message, audience, and purpose in a business writing situation
- applying this analysis in the planning and writing of business reports
- adapting the general characteristics of good writing to specific business situations
- enhancing their writing ability through planning, drafting, editing, and rewriting
- using language that is clear, precise, and appropriate
- editing and proofreading all drafts of writing so as to produce a coherent, meaningful, relatively error-free text
- listening effectively and speaking clearly and directly as participants in class activities
- developing an analysis of a case study for oral presentation using overheads, computer software or other visual means to inform or persuade an audience

EAC694 - Advanced Report Writing

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