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1. Develop systematic understanding of knowledge and critical awareness of construction management practice issues.

Assessment Information/Brief 2019-20

To be used for all types of assessment and provided to students at the start of the module. Information provided should be compatible with the detail contained in the approved module specification although may contain more information for clarity.

Module title Project Management Practice

CRN 54071/54075

Level 7

Assessment title: Coursework

Assessed intended learning outcomes On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to: Knowledge and Understanding

1. Assess risks and project impact factors on a project proposal, including environmental impacts. Identify and assess the factors and criteria, which will be used in the impact assessment and their significance, reviewing alternative solutions to improve environmental quality and producing a report of the assessed environmental impact. Subsequently undertake a risk assessment to demonstrate the most appropriate methods to reduce the impact of risks on projects

2. Maintain project compliance with legal and statutory requirement, develop, and implement monitoring systems to collect information regularly and evaluate this information effectively dealing with any situations, which do not comply with legal and statutory requirements quickly and efficiently;

3. Critically evaluate the efficacy of quality management and other relevant project management tools/techniques. Evaluate ways of integrating continuous quality improvements for products, services and processes by assessing the outcome of continuous monitoring, correctly identifying trends in the quality of services, to implement effective improvements;

4. Assess significant factors affecting project design, including the briefing process for clients and other stakeholders in the supply chain. Review and evaluate the findings of investigations, evaluating the information available to the project team and producing realistic design parameter and advising stakeholders on the most appropriate course of action;

5. Manage project completion processes, including inspection and handover processes; instigate project review processes and identify and document learning/lessons learned for improved future project performance

Practical, Professional or Subject Specific Skills

6. Promote continuous quality improvements for products, services and processes;

7. Maintain project compliance with legal and statutory requirements;

8. Manufacturing Challenges - addressing challenges associated with coordinating production with construction; project management, manufacturing process design and management, production flow management, and resource management;

9. Designing for Advanced Manufacturing - coordinating design, manufacturing and construction, design for manufacturing, design for assembly and design for sustainability;

10. Manage project handover; Obtain and evaluate project feedback information and make improvements

Transferable Skills and other Attributes

11. Critical reflection on current practice;

12. Writing reports for senior management;

13. Collect, analyse and record data;

14. Presentation of the findings of research;

15. Critical thinking through argument

Module Aims

The aim of the module is

1. Develop systematic understanding of knowledge and critical awareness of construction management practice issues.

2. Demonstrate knowledge of health, safety and welfare issues and the legal regulations for managing these on construction projects.

3. Develop a critical awareness of the role of standards and quality in successful project delivery and handover.

4. Demonstrate a practical understanding of the techniques used to manage risk and value on projects.

5. Demonstrate a practical understanding of the tools and techniques for assessing the environmental impact of construction projects.

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