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1. Develop the most appropriate, and if necessary create novel, processes for effective on-line supply chain management.

MOPO6040 Managing an Online Portfolio

Word Limit: 4,000 (Plus or minus 10%)

Learning outcomes assessed:

At the end of a module students will be expected to be able to:

1. Develop the most appropriate, and if necessary create novel, processes for effective on-line supply chain management.

2. Develop and justify pricing strategies and differentiate the needs of off- and on-line pricing.

3. Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the use of e-commerce in business and its impact on supply chain management.

Assignment Questions

Background: Supply Chain Management

The buying behaviour of a number of companies’ customers is moving toward buying online rather than going to the physical stores. As a result of this, many companies may have to re-organise their portfolio and supply chain to accommodate the changing customer demands and behaviour. At the same, a number of companies that have been predominantly online-based are planning (or beginning) to set up high-street stores to complement their online business – an example of this is Amazon.

Currently, your company, whose current business model is online-only, is planning to create a high street presence.


Produce a 4,000-word report on the requirements needed for your chosen company to create a high-street presence, focusing on the following:

Part 1

Critically analyse and recommend different techniques to engage and retain a good supply chain management system. Consider all the below for this section: a. The application of two models of supplier-relationship b. Elements of measuring supplier performance e.g. supply chain software applications c. Ways of managing supply chain risks

Part 2

Evaluate and recommend two pricing strategies that can be developed to meet the organisation`s demand and the rise of high-street shopping.

Part 3

Critically evaluate the decision to create a high-street presence, and a review of current buying behaviour pattern and the potential implications for the company

MOPO6040 Managing an Online Portfolio

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