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1. Discuss the threshold criteria, and how this might be applied to Chloe in the case study. ( under Section 47 of the children Act 1989).

Case Study 1. Read the case study and respond to the questions that follow.

The Smith family are white/British. There are four children in the family: Mathew (9 years) Luke (7 years), Chloe (3 years) and Mia (9 months). The family are not previously known to social services.

Concerns were raised by Wythenshawe Hospital on Friday 20th October 2020 when Chloe presented with a head injury. Chloe’s mother explained to the Doctor in A&E that two days ago Chloe had fallen against a radiator at home and sustained the injury. Chloe’s mother claimed she had not cried and therefore neither she nor her husband were initially concerned.

Later, when swelling on Chloe’s head increased, she was taken to hospital. The hospital made the referral to social services because they believed Chloe had sustained a suspected skull fracture, which they asserted, would have been greater than the impact that Chloe’s mother has described, however swelling to the area was causing problems with the accuracy of the x-rays that had been taken.

Two duty social workers from the local area team met with Mr and Mrs Smith at an agreed time at the hospital. They discussed the concerns with the parents that the hospital was expressing and decided to ask the parents and the hospital to allow Chloe to remain in the hospital over the weekend. This would allow time for the swelling to subside allowing a clearer picture to emerge.

Mr and Mrs Smith are unhappy with this request and refuse to give their permission for Chloe to stay in hospital.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Discuss the threshold criteria, and how this might be applied to Chloe in the case study. ( under Section 47 of the children Act 1989). (500words)
  2. Applying the welfare checklist, what legal interventions might the local authority consider, if Chloe’s parents are refusing to let her stay in hospital. (250words)


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