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1. Establish proficient interpersonal skills in developing positive therapeutic relationships and working alliances.

Assignment Learning Outcome(s) On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

1. Establish proficient interpersonal skills in developing positive therapeutic relationships and working alliances.

2. Critically evaluate clinical skills in assessment, formulation, intervention planning, evaluation, reformulation and reflection.

3. Critically select theory-practice links to evaluate relevant therapeutic approaches and their implementation in specific contexts.

4. Become self-aware of strengths and limitations, using reflective practice and peer support during the practical learning environment within the cohort.

5. Respectfully discuss and articulately evaluate the strengths and limitations of multidisciplinary and interprofessional working models and practice.

Further details

Select one of the case vignettes on which to base your report. Critically appraise the information available to develop a complete case report (4,500 words); suitable to the early stage of work you would be at if you were the practitioner. Include the following areas in your report: •Assessment • Formulation (individual; identify gaps in your knowledge and how you could find out more) • Intervention design (chose a therapeutic approach/integrative approach that you think is suitable, use relevant theory to explain your choices) Psychological Wellbeing Training Pathway 2017/18 2 • Theoretical evaluation of the design – what are the strengths and limitations of the approach(s) you are suggesting? • Multisystemic formulation of the intervention delivery in the context of the client and service – what are potential positive processes and resources and/or challenges to the work you would like to do? • Reflective discussion – how does being you in this scenario influence your choices, decisions, approach, reflections – what are your areas for personal and professional development and reflection? Elements of a good report will include: • A concise introduction to orientate the reader • A clear structure • A clear rationale for the suggested approach • Appropriate steps to convey understanding • Appropriate analytical approach, which is suitably justified • Appropriate and comprehensive presentation (i.e. diagrams as well as narrative) • A thorough and comprehensive theoretical evaluation to support the recommended approaches • Clear conclusions • Appropriate references and appendices Evidence of: • Insight and initiative • Independent and analytic thought • Ability to source, synthesis and implement information • Critical discussion of relevant literature • Using appropriate and relevant models and theoretical literature • Ethical considerations and reflexivity • Academic competence regarding writing style, referencing, and use of theory 

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