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1. Explain and critically analyse the concepts of leadership and management and their application in an organisational, social, environmental and multicultural context.

Garvey Group is a family-owned retail and hotel company in Ireland, with 13 stores and hotels across the south of the country.  A core belief is that investment in employee’s learning and talent development produces results to the bottom line. A modified balanced scorecard (Kaplan and Norton, 1996) is used to provide a framework for integrating learning and development into the overall business strategy. 

A corporate recruitment and training plan is prepared annually, costed and evaluated through measures such as sales and profitability.  Linked to this a similar annual plan is prepared for each branch. Existing employees’ training needs are identified using the appraisal system, with the dual objectives of both providing opportunity for individuals to self-identify learning needs as well as informing a needs analysis conducted by HR for each job role. Induction and initial training for new starters is also planned at store level. 

The company uses a competence-based framework, with much emphasis put on behavioural competences applicable to all jobs, such as customer care, working as a team and ‘subtle selling’.  The framework informs job design, selection and reward as well as learning and development. For managers in particular, as well as the core competences great emphasis is placed on leadership skills, decision making, strategic thinking and interpersonal skills based on high emotional intelligence. These skills are seen as essential for achieving business strategy, because sales, repeat business and reputation are so fundamental to corporate performance in this sector and managers are responsible for ensuring all staff contribute to achieving those measures.  

When management training and development is planned, objectives are set for metrics such as increase in sales and return on investment.

Source: Based on a case in Stewart and Rigg, 2011


The above should be answered using these

Learning outcomes:

1. Explain and critically analyse the concepts of leadership and management and their application in an organisational, social, environmental and multicultural context.

6. Explain and evaluate the role of leadership and management development in enhancing and developing organisational competence.

7. Critically assess and evaluate approaches to the development of leadership and management in international and global contexts.

8. Act ethically and professionally with a demonstrated commitment to leadership and management development and to continuous personal and professional development

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