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1 Explain the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functional units of an organisation.

Unit 2: Marketing Essentials

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit a student will be able to:

Explain the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functional units of an organisation.

Compare ways in which organisations use elements of the marketing mix (7Ps) to achieve overall business objectives.

Develop and evaluate a basic marketing plan.

TASK 1: Unit 2: Marketing Essentials

In order to pass this unit, the assignment (that you present for assessment) needs to demonstrate that you can meet all the learning outcomes listed below.


Learning Outcomes


Explain the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functional units of an organisation.

Business Case / Scenario Covering LO1

You are applying for the role of Marketing Manager within an organisation of your choice. It is preferable to use your own place of work, if appropriate and as part of the interview process you are required to discuss the concept of marketing as well as its role with detailed analysis within the organisation context. Further to this you will have to explain how marketing interrelates with other functions within the business.

This will be a 10-minute presentation as part of the interview. Your presentation should cover the following:

  • Explain how the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function relate to the wider organisational context.
  • Explain how the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing relate to the wider organisational context.
  • Analyse the roles and responsibilities of marketing in the context of the marketing environment.
  • Analyse the significance of interrelationships between marketing and other functional units of an organisation.
  •  Critically analyse and evaluate the key elements of the marketing function and how they interrelate with other functional units of an organisation.

You are to carry out considerable research on your chosen organisation or preferably the organisation where you work. You will need to demonstrate that you have carried out considerable research to gain the required level of knowledge and understanding relating to the fundamental concepts and principles that underpin your understanding of the unit.

About Unit 2: Marketing Essentials

Marketing is the procedures or the path through which large and independent company can win achievement and development. Marketing causes the organization to pursue the objective to expand its deals likewise with better deals the more benefit can be considered by the organization. This marketing is about the organization called EE restricted is the telecom organization and Mobile Phone Company. Marketing assists with keeping up the connection between various divisions just as relational relationship too. This relationship depends on the trade relationship as all the deals of the organization choose the fate of the organization. Great marketing system causes the organization to stand itself in the market and settle on essential choices for the development of the organization.

Marketing is performed by the a precise cycle through which a compelling marketing can be achieve. There are four stages in the marketing cycle they are circumstance examination, marketing procedure, marketing blend choice and usage and control. Circumstance examination encourages the organization to decide the current situation of the market that empowers the dissecting the condition in a legitimate way. Another progression is development of marketing system so no issue may emerge on that respects in future. A powerful market system can prompts achieving the objectives that can be useful for the association. Another progression is the marketing blend choice that is relied upon 7P`s. In the event that they are utilized appropriately, at that point there is less possibility that any confusion may emerge in future. Last advance is the usage and control. It must be successful so no issue can hamper the marketing system.

Marketing administrator is delegated who cares for all the subtleties of the marketing and settle on essential choice in that respects. He builds up the marketing plans that can be valuable for the association and for marketing group. He is the individual who arranges with the other office so no miscommunication may happen that prompts defaults and non-working of the organization. He needs to settle on marketing choice so it is significant him to break down all the economic situation so choice be successful and productive. A decent marketing supervisor can lead its group to the extraordinary statures.

Marketing division helps useful office in all the fundamental working and activity of the organization. It additionally influences the working of those offices like human asset office should recruit more representatives if the marketing division is performing. This division additionally keeps that track on marketing individual. Another office is the account division who makes financial plan for the marketing plan. Also, is marketing isn`t led appropriately then there are chances that misfortune might be endured by the office. Another is the creation division that has additionally effect of the marketing office as though marketing offices neglects to sell its item at that point overload circumstance emerges that causes issue for the office.

Marketing must be compelling as acceptable marketing prompts the accomplishment of the organization and friends might have the option to zero in on the development on since quite a while ago run. It likewise expands the altruism of the organization as a powerful marketing builds the deals that improve the notoriety of the organization. A decent marketing director additionally makes a decent connection with other office that helps the association. There is the basic requirement for interrelationship among office as it encourages the organization to work in congruity and with adequacy. It likewise builds the work culture and workplace of the association that prompts smooth working of the organization. In the event that there is concordance among offices that generosity of the organization will likewise build which is gainful for the since quite a while ago run of the business. It additionally helps in compelling dynamic that can take care of the apparent multitude of issues. It tends to be presumed that a successful and proficient marketing can tackle numerous issues that hamper the development of the organization. Marketing administrator of the organization called EE restricted is needed to roll out essential improvements for better bury departmental relationship and better correspondence. It tends to be reasoned that EE restricted ought to follow marketing components adequately.

Unit 2: Marketing Essentials

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