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1 Explain the role of research for evidence-based practice in health and social care

Unit 4: Fundamentals of Evidence-based Practice

Evidence-based practice in health and social care involves taking a systematic approach to examining a range of evidence in order to answer key questions of relevance to the sector. The basis of evidence-based practice is research. In health and social care, research is conducted for a number of reasons for example, to find prevalence or incidence of disease, to assess quality of life or patient satisfaction. Research has global relevance and plays a significant role in influencing the development of high-quality provision, supporting a high-functioning integrated workforce and promoting the health and wellbeing of those who use health, care services. Working in health and social care provides unique opportunities for practitioners to make a difference, developing the skills and knowledge to conduct research is fundamental in order to support quality practice, influence positive change and promote a highly-skilled workforce. The aim of this unit is to develop students’ knowledge and skills to understand the purpose and process of research in health and social care particularly in relation to promoting integrated approaches to care. Students will carry out a literature review on a topic drawn from the Practice Themes aimed at quality improvement within wider health, care or support service practice. Students will learn how to source current literature and assess the reliability and validity of sources to be able to construct an argument that leads to a proposal for a potential research study. Throughout this process, students will learn how they can dynamically influence changes and improvements within the health and social care sector. The unit will develop students’ skills in understanding the steps they need to take to complete a literature review, academic conventions for presenting literature and how it forms the rationale for a personal research project. On completion of this unit, students will have developed the pre-requisite skills needed to design a proposal that either extends from their literature review or highlights a further potential area of research. Possessing the necessary skills for conducting quality personal research that leads to evidence-based practice, will enhance students’ academic skills, professionalism and employment opportunities within the health and social care sector.

Learning Outcomes By the end of this unit students will be able to:

1 Explain the role of research for evidence-based practice in health and social care

2 Conduct a review of key literature relating to a research topic towards improvements in care practice

3 Develop a project proposal using evidence-based practice

4 Examine the value of the literature review process in influencing positive change in health, care or support service provision.

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