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1. Identify an organisation in the community and state your interest

Essay length: 2500 words. Organisation selected for this assignment:

Assessment Brief (undergraduate assignment)

This written assignment is the main piece of assessed work in the Communication and Research Skills for Professional Practice Module, it will give students the opportunity to explore an organisation in the community. The organisation will not be a local authority organisation. Find out relevant information as specified in the task below. Explore the organisation’s community context and how a service user could access it.


- Identify an organisation that you do not (past or present) have a relationship with. [Gateshead Age UK]
- You may not approach a service user or professional for information that is not published or in the public domain. (To do so would amount to conducting primary research which would need ethical approval which is not permitted for this piece of work).
- You need to gather information in accordance with the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) guidance.
- Do not include any leaflets or appendices for this work.


1. Identify an organisation in the community and state your interest (i.e. reason for choice). LO A (5) (B1)

2. Describe the aims/objectives and vision of the organisation and how it is structured/funded. LO A (6)

3. Describe how the organisation communicates its information to service users and the wider community (e.g. accessibility? Referral process? LO C (2) C (7)

4. Specify in what ways the organisation contributes to the community. LO B (2) D (5)

5. Reflect upon what you have learnt from this research and how this will impact on your future development and practice. LO D (1)

Assessment Criteria

Ability to demonstrate basic research skills in gathering information; to define the purpose of the organisation and its place in the community.

Ability to demonstrate understanding of the organisations structure and funding arrangements.

Ability to understand the service user’s experience of the service; to identify what is good practice, range of activities.

Ability to identify diversity issues and how the organisation promotes anti-oppressive practice.

Students need to demonstrate the ability to present material in a clear and coherent manner with appropriate standards of literacy. Students need to demonstrate the ability to use sufficient and relevant research at this level and to acknowledge sources with the Harvard Referencing System. (D5)

This assignment relates to learning outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding;

A (5). Critically evaluate the range of models for social work intervention with individuals, families, groups and communities.

A (6). Synthesis and critically appraise such knowledge in order to apply appropriate methods of intervention and practise derived from them.

Cognitive and Intellectual Skills
B (1). Synthesis, appraise and evaluate the reliability and validity of information from different sources as an aid to decision making within a social work setting.
B (2). Synthesis systematic, critical and reflective reasoning.
Practical and Professional Skills
C (2). Create and maintain personal and professional social work boundaries in complex practice situations,
C (7). Communicate clearly and effectively with service users, carers, family members and professionals in a professional manner in social work practice.
Key Transferrable Skills;
D (6). Evidence the ability to prioritise and delegate work to meet deadlines and bring work to effective conclusions.
You may use the following Reading list and other literature
Beesley, P. Watts, M and Harrison, M (2017) Developing your Communication Skills in Social Work. (2017) London: Sage
Bogg, D. (2012) Report Writing Social Work. Pocket Books. Maidenhead: OUP.
Healy, K. (2018) The skilled communicator in social work: the art and science of communication in practice. London: Palgrave MacMillan
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Moss, B. (2017) Communication skills in health and social care. London: Sage
Musson, P. (2011) Effective Writing Skills for Social Work Students. Transforming social work practice. Learning Matters Ltd

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