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1. Identify and analyse a public health issue in a defined population

In this paper, you have to write an essay on the topic of Public Health Issue on Childhood Obesity in London while emphasising on the following factors:

  • Examine and evaluate a public health within a defined population.
  • Explain policy documents from local, national and international sources that cope up with the problem
  • Provide a detailed analysis of policy initiatives that are geared towards dealing with the issue
  • Discuss how relevant approaches to health promotion are inferred within the identified policy initiatives.



The brief

Assessment C is a 3500-word essay focusing on a public health policy.

You should focus your essay on one of the topics covered in the reading and discussion groups.

Your essay should:

1. Identify and analyse a public health issue in a defined population

2. Identify and discuss policy documents from international, national and local sources that tackle this issue

3. Provide a clear analysis of policy initiatives that are geared towards tackling this issue

4. Discuss and critiquing how relevant approaches to health promotion are interpreted within the identified policy initiatives.

Module Aims

This core module aims to:

  • Develop an understanding, knowledge, and skills for engaging with historical and contemporary public health discourses, problems, theories, research methodologies, policy and practice issues
  • Provide a social science based contextual and critical understanding of the impact of the social determinants of health on population health outcomes, with an emphasis on the importance of community engagement as part a public health response
  • Evaluate a range of projects and research studies; identifying the impact on public health issues
  • Understand and evaluate the key principles and concepts underpinning developments in public health and health promotion at the community level
  • Critically analyse the influence of various national policies on health promotion practice

Module learning outcomes 

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Critically understand and evaluate the various factors that influence population health outcomes and explain their significance in relation to health protection, healthcare public health, and health improvement (including health promotion)
  2. Critically examine global, national, and local policies for health improvement and health promotion, explaining how these relate to engagement with communities within England
  3. Critically analyse measures to address inequalities in health at different geographical levels and between various population groups (with an emphasis on community)
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the values, ethical principles, and norms that influence public health policy development and conduct of public health practitioners
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking in relation to measures taken to address specific public health issues

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