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1. Identify and critically explore the evidence base pertaining to an area of special interest.


Module Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, the student should be able to:

1. Identify and critically explore the evidence base pertaining to an area of special interest.

2. Analyse cutting edge approaches to nursing practices in area of special interest. 

3. Identify and operationalize appropriate strategies for the dissemination of innovation and best practice.


Assessment for this module is in two parts
• Part 1 – Wiki development (10%)

• Part 2 - Project of 4000 words (90%). 

Assessment Guidelines:
Part 1 – Wiki (10%)
You will develop a wiki page which provide an abstract of your written assignment.
• It should introduce your topic.
• Rationalise your choice. 
• Identify 3 key issues related to the area.
• Link to a key piece of research within the area.

Part 2 – Project (90%)
This work is 4,000 words (+/- 10%) and will allow you the opportunity to explore in-depth a subject related to your chosen future career direction. It should clearly demonstrate your ability to critically review the evidence base behind your specialty underpinning a nursing perspective. You will be expected to present a project learning progress record to your facilitator and submit this as an appendix with your written project. This will need to be signed by your facilitator.
This topic should be discussed with your module facilitator.
You should include evidence the following elements:
• Identify the topic of interest to yourself and its relevance to your chosen career direction.
• Contain evidence of current thinking related to contemporary literature
• Include an analysis of cutting edge approaches related to the speciality.
• From this analysis of current research and evidence make recommendations for developing novel and innovative working within the field.
• Links to career and professional aspects of role development.
• Use the Harvard system of referencing to acknowledge all sources.

Part 2 - Project 

This section should inform the reader of the content of this assignment acting as a signpost. Justify why you have chosen the topic. Ensure you include relevant reports and research to justify your choice.

Main Body 
This section should contain evidence of wide reading around the subject area. This should present a balanced and objective view with the strengths and limitations of the literature discussed in relation to best practice. Linked to career and/or professional issues, include innovative/novel approaches to developments.

You should collate together the main themes from you essay. Never introduce new material into your conclusion.

You should be using the Harvard system of referencing and include all sources fully acknowledged.

These may be used to include any material which you feel will be useful to your discussion.

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