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1) Identify and discuss THREE of the most common reasons people conduct research.


Please Answer any FOUR of the questions below using short, simple responses which directly answer the question (suggested length 250 words per answer):

1) Identify and discuss THREE of the most common reasons people conduct research.

2) What are THREE common features of quantitative research?

3) What is informed consent and why is it important in the research process?

4) What is non-random sampling and when might it best be used in research design?

5) What does it mean to take an ‘interpretivist’ approach to research? What might this research look like, do or seek to answer?

6) What are THREE advantages/disadvantages of using semi-structured interviews?

7) Identify AT LEAST TWO key differences between quantitative and qualitative content analysis?

8) What is a focus group and when might it best be used?

9) What are THREE potential problems you may encounter when conducting focus groups and how might you overcome them?

10) List THREE reasons why observational methods are useful when conducting research.

11) When conducting a critical discourse analysis of the news, list THREE aspects of the text scholars might analyse (e.g. rhetoric).

Please List All of the Books or Articles Used in Answering These Questions, Using Harvard Referencing Style (You should draw from a minimum of three)

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