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1. Identify capital gains and losses and examine the basic application rules.

ACC642 - Corporate Taxation

This paper deals with the main theme of corporate taxation which is the primary part of accounting and finance. This course is designed for the students who aim to graps skills and knowledge of the current provisions of the Canadian Income Tax Act. Moreover, they are required to focus on the key components:

  • The concept of capital gains and loss

  • Examination of the fundamental rules of capital gains and loss

  • Identification of types of income of an organisation

  • The concept if tax payable by corporations

  • Computation of the division of corporate surpluses

  • Analysis of the administrative processes in Income Tax Act and tax planning methods

  • The concept of T2 Corporate Tax Return

  • The application of computer tax programme to set up T1`s and T2`s


Subject Title 
Corporate Taxation

Subject Description ACC642 - Corporate Taxation
Taxation II is the second part of two subjects in taxation for Accounting and Finance students. The aim of the course is to provide students with a good working knowledge of the current provisions of the Canadian Income Tax Act as it applies to corporations and individuals. Emphasis is placed on the concepts underlying these provisions rather than on the computations required to implement them, although such computations are reviewed in the context of the Federal T2 Tax Return.

Learning Outcomes ACC642 - Corporate Taxation
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1. Identify capital gains and losses and examine the basic application rules.

2. Identify and classify the different types of income of a corporation.

3. Determine the tax payable by corporations.

4. Compute the distribution of corporate surpluses.

5. Explain administrative procedures under the Income Tax Act and tax planning techniques.

6. Review income tax determination for individuals.

7. Complete the T2 Corporate Tax Return.

8. Use a computer tax programme to prepare T1`s and T2`s.

ACC642 - Corporate Taxation

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