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1. Identify the principles of management and organisational structure in relation to size and purpose.

UMAN3011 Understanding Management

Learning outcomes assessed:

At the end of a module students will be expected to be able to:

1. Identify the principles of management and organisational structure in relation to size and purpose.

2. Explain the nature of management culture and how this may vary from one company to another as well as the impact it has on corporate success.

3. Identify the relationship between business planning and operations and the problems of ensuring consistency.

4. Illustrate the importance of effective communication between managers with different responsibilities.

Assignment Questions

Task 1: UMAN3011 Understanding Management

You currently own a business or intend to run one in the future. As the owner, you will have the responsibility to manage and direct the activities of your staff. To manage your team, you must ensure your planning, leading, organising, controlling activities are carried out effectively and efficiently.

Briefly discuss the nature of your business highlighting how you will carry out your organising activities as a manager based on the four functions approach. (You would have agreed on the business to write on in week 3 which is noted by their tutor.) 10 marks

How does your business planning activities ensure you deliver effective customer service and achieve consistency? 5 marks

Suggest a possible structure for your business. Explain why you have adopted this structure and how the structure of a business can help it achieve its purpose. (10 marks). LO1, LO3 (suggested word count=400)

Task 2: UMAN3011 Understanding Management

Organizational culture has been described as a system of shared meanings and common beliefs, held by organizational members that determines, in a large degree, how they act towards each other. The owner of the organisation, the mission and vision, the behaviour of top management have all been described as some of the sources of management culture.

Explain the nature of management culture and highlight any two ways you may want to express the organisational culture of your business above based on Edgar Schein’s first level of culture – Artefacts (Behaviours, processes, policies, systems). 10marks

In a paragraph, how can your leadership style impact on the culture of your organisation? (During your tutorials in week 6, you will have written about your leadership style and how it is relevant to the success of your business) 5 marks

1. Identify the principles of management and organisational structure in relation to size and purpose.

Write a short mission and vision statement for your proposed business. How does this impact on the success of an organisation.(You should include the mission and vision statements written during week 5 tutorials as an appendix. 10marks. LO2 (suggested word count=400)

Task 3: UMAN3011 Understanding Management

Recently, your business experiences a downturn and affected your profits. You need to make some crucial staff downsizing decisions and merge with another organisation. These changes will have to be communicated to your staff.

Explain the importance of effective communication highlighting two ways managers can effectively communicate with their team. Why is it important these recent changes are effectively communicated?

You could support your answer with the use of relevant examples. (You are to include as an appendix the sample communication written to your staff during their tutorials in week 7) LO4 (suggested word count=400) 25marks

Task 4: UMAN3011 Understanding Management

Write a short reflective summary highlighting your experience learning managerial skills and functions from the beginning of the module to the end.

How has the knowledge you have gained understanding the principles of management, the nature of culture, communication and business planning be relevant to the way you will now manage your own business or carry out your managerial role in an organisation?

This report should highlight the things you are now able to do and things you will do differently. LO1,2,3,4 (suggested word count=300) 25marks (A copy of your weekly skills log should be included as an appendix) 

UMAN3011 Understanding Management

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