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1. Introduction to the Lean Start-Up. (250 words). The C level perspective being taken, the Part A process including feedback. Profit, creativity, lean characteristics.


Format: Lean Start-Up Business Development Plan (one C-level perspective) with full Harvard references.

Font: Arial font size 11 or 12 point, (this font). In the business world organisations will have a compulsory ‘house style’ and font.

Word Limit: 3000 words i.e. the Appendices and References do not count towards the 3000 word limit.  

Prerequisites for Part B:


As this is individual work students take one C level perspective from:  CMO, COO, CTO, CHRO, CFO (Note: there is no CEO role). . 

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – value proposition, advertising, customer engagement, sales, etc.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) – doing the business, making product, delivering service, shipping, orders, suppliers, partners, etc.

Chief Technology/Information Officer (CTO/CIO) – Core technical solution (if there is one) also key IT systems and data processing, etc.   

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) – deciding the organisational structure, the balance between employed and contract staff, specifying, hiring and developing people to be employed in the business, etc.

Chief Finance Officer (CFO) - costing, pricing, cash management, need for finance, raising finance, etc.

There is no CEO role (strategic decision making is shared).  Groups will hold Board meetings on Zoom or similar and collectively agree strategic decisions. 

Each perspective must be different from other members of the group. Students can collaborate but not collude beyond Part A. If there are elements of a student’s submitted plan that are plagiarised those parts will receive zero marks regardless of the original author and will likely result in an investigation of suspected misconduct. 

Lean Start-Up Business Plan Components.   Structure Note: Common Group components are highlighted in blue.   

Cover page. A photo or diagram of the product/service that conveys its creativity. 

1. Introduction to the Lean Start-Up. (250 words). The C level perspective being taken, the Part A process including feedback. Profit, creativity, lean characteristics. 

Business Objectives.  Profit, sales revenue and profit margin objectives for the first three years of operation (250 words

Value Creation: Customer Value Proposition Canvas (Diagram) Minimum Viable Product

Individual student explanation, extensions and details as per the taught syllabus. (500 words)

2. Value Capture: ‘Lean’ Business Model Canvas (Diagram)  

Individual student explanation, extensions and details as decided by the individual student) of the Business model (means-ends transformation process. (500 words)

3. Detailed Development Plan (1000 words) with references to Appendix I  One of : 

The CMO Marketing Plan 

The COO Operational Plan 

The CTO Technical Solution and Information Technology Plan 

The CHRO Human Resources and Organisation Plan 

The CFO Financial Plan (Note: All students must explain why the start-up is financially viable and profitable)

  1. Critical evaluation of the plan and any possible future developments, competitor moves, changes in customer needs that need to be accounted for (e.g. Pivots see Ries Chapter 8). (250 words)
  2. Summary: Why is a profitable, competition beating, value creating ‘lean’, investable entrepreneurial opportunity? Why should someone invest in and/or provide loan finance to this Lean Start-Up?  Complete this sentence: If your start-up never existed, the world would be worse off because…  (250 words)

The plan must include one appendix: (not included in the word count).

Appendix I) Primary and Secondary Market Research

Supporting data for the specific C level plan presented e.g. market size, market growth, customer preferences, segments, competitors, key partners, channels, technologies, job descriptions, labour market information, sources and cost of finance, etc.

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