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1. Organizing a conference/exhibition/training event about some business information technologies

Managing Projects and Technologies N1503 – 2019/2

Assessment 2 – Project Plan (PRJ) Link to Module Learning Outcomes

● This assessment evaluates students’ ability to plan a project, which is a key learning outcome of this module.

Available project plan topics

● Each student must develop a Project Plan.

● To do so, first, they choose one of these project topics by Workshop 03:

1. Organizing a conference/exhibition/training event about some business information technologies

2. Developing a business information technology product (e.g., a software/an app) and bringing it to the market

3. Deploying (via building or buying) a new business information technology in an organization to transform their operations

4. Changing the culture/perceptions/behaviours regarding a particular business information technology in a society/organization

5. Using business information technologies for social/humanitarian purposes.

● Then, they specify the project topic further and develop a detailed project plan.

● Some business information technologies that could be used include but are not limited to: - Artificial Intelligence (AI) including voice recognition, speech, chatbot, image and video processing - Mobile apps on productivity, healthcare, etc. - Consumer products mass customization (printing name on shoes) - Internet of Things (IoT) – Connected everything - Data Analytics (small or big data collection and processing) - Geospatial – location trackers such as GPS, RFID, barcode scanners - An enterprise-wide system (e.g., an ERP) - Virtual reality - Robotics and automation - Social media networks - Retail technologies (interactive ordering touch screens, finding the best clothing fit)

Preparing the Project Plan

● To prepare your project plan, you should briefly complete and include all seven Project Chunks covered in the module. These project chunks are available throughout the PowerPoint files of workshops slides available on Study Direct.

● To succeed, make sure that your project plan fully addresses all seven project chunks.

● You should provide references to the articles, books, and other sources of information that you use.

● Avoid wordiness. The word count excludes the text in the tables, the references list, and appendices. The main project plan text should be a standalone narrative, without a need to read the tables. To enable this, for each table, explain the key item of it in the text. The purpose of a table is to include a short list of additional information, not long sentences and paragraphs that belong to the main text, so do not misuse tables.

● The length of the submission, 1500 words, can go 10% either side. List of Project Chunks 1. Project Introduction and Justification

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