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1. Outline of selected organisation/Brand Competitor benchmarking form completed clearly Assessment Template 1 Evaluation of digital marketing communication channels

Section A: Introduction to Marketing Communication


Digital Marketing Communications

Social Media Marketing – role and characteristics



  1. Introduction to the whole report outlining clearly the aim and purpose of the report; coverage/structure of what will be contained within the report.
  2. Appropriate definitions
  3. Clarity of explanation with appropriate academic references.
  4. Do not use website such as marektingtutor.com or marketing balls.com


Section B: Evaluating Digital Marketing

Evidence of competitor benchmarking and discussion/evaluation on brand/competitor use of digital marketing communications  - compares with report/ academic theory?



Evidence of content analysis and discussion/evaluation of topics discussed; compares with reports/academic theory?











You may select one of the other tools identified within the benchmarking exercise or from the range of digital marketing tools discussed within the module.

Appropriate use of the


Outline of selected organisation/Brand Competitor benchmarking form completed clearly Assessment Template 1

Evaluation of digital marketing communication channels


2. Similar web analysis and evaluation


3. Completed content analysis – discussion on why brands use OBC , social engagement strategies and why consumers participate within online brand communities; and evaluate how the brand you have selected is using their face brand community based on the evidence of your content analysis.  Please make sure you relate you comments to appropriate papers.


Digital marketing tools – clearly identified and how does it communicate the brand message to provide a consistent message?


Section C: Recommendations for Future

Demonstrates an ability to develop clear and coherent recommendations relevant to the purpose of the assignment


Minimum of 2

It must be clear that the recommendations are based on your analysis and work undertaken in part B.  It must be logical based on your analysis and understanding of the org/brand and academic literature

Section D: Identify Challenges of Digital Marketing Communications

Appropriate selection of a key challenge with relevant discussion.

Students must select and discuss an appropriate challenge within the context of their organisation/brand.


eg. website design 


Different considerations - style and personality, navigation and organisation, support marketing objectives and so on.


eg. online analytics 

Performance measurement process

Different methods of measuring the impact of social media

Tools and techniques


eg. security

online security risks and implications

security measures.


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