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1. Plan, undertake and evaluate an individual programme of professional development

PM612 Professional Development

Key Information



BA (Hons) Event Management BA (Hons) Music Business

BA (Hons) Music Journalism BA (Hons) Music Production

BA (Hons) Professional Musicianship BA (Hons) Songwriting

Module Code:


Module Level:


Module Credits:


Pre-requisite module or learning:


Module type:


Teaching & Learning

Online Seminar: 23 x 1 Hour

Webinar: 23 x 1 hour

Tutorials: 2 x 30 minutes

Personal Development Time: 153 Hours

PM612 Professional Development

Module Summary

In Teaching for Quality Learning at University, John Biggs and Catherine Tang note that employer

feedback regularly reveals dissatisfaction with graduates’ abilities both to self-assess accurately, and to give and receive effective peer feedback. Yet these adaptive and developmental skills are becoming increasingly crucial for graduates struggling to pursue personally and professionally rewarding life course development.

This module gives you the opportunity to develop your self-assessment and peer feedback skills whilst undertaking a significant programme of self-chosen and self-directed professional development. You may choose to focus on professional development relating to your musicianship; your business aspirations; your personal development; or your efforts to develop the skills to undertake a successful Professional Project for PM611.

The module will take you through the stages of identifying professional development needs; setting yourself effective output and outcome goals; developing an informed plan; putting the plan into action; reviewing progress and adapting plans and actions to improve them; and undertaking a final impact analysis to judge how effective your development has been.

Throughout the module, you will work closely with a small number of peers to offer and receive feedback, and support on both your developmental activities and your critical writing about these activities.


ì To help students develop their capacity to plan, see through and evaluate effective professional development activity, which we see as a key employability requirement

ì To help students develop their capacity to work effectively with their peers

ì To help students develop their capacity to give, receive and make productive use of peer feedback; and to improve the accuracy of their self-assessment

ì To offer an extended opportunity for students to develop their writing skills

Indicative Study Topics

ì Professional development needs analysis; goal setting (outputs and outcomes); creating an informed development plan

ì Evidence based self-assessment; evaluating personal performance

ì Giving, receiving and using effective peer feedback, in person and on-line

ì Working in an effective peer learning group / Action Learning Set

ì Improving writing

ì Listening skills; influencing; communication and collaboration

ì Motivation; time management; leadership; managing projects, events and teams

ì Evaluating developmental activity; impact analysis

Formative Assessment

There is a strong emphasis on formative feedback on professional development activities and on developing writing skills throughout this module.

Students will be trained to give and receive effective peer feedback face-to-face in study groups and online via the course blog. Further formative feedback will be provided by course tutors during the workshops, seminars, and on the blog. Students will also be able to access individual tutorial support.

On completion of this module a successful student will be able to:



Summative Assessment




Learning Outcomes


Assessment Weighting

Formative/ Summative

Assessment Week

Individual or Group





Text Assessment*


3,000 words


1 & 2






W 27




Patchwork Text Assessment

Submission Week


Submission Deadline

Please see the module`s

Moodle page for specific deadlines

Assessment Weighting



3000 words


Write a critically reflective evaluation of the programme of professional development you undertook whilst participating on this module.

For a Patchwork Text Assessment, a student writes a number of short pieces over the course of a module, and engages in peer feedback and review. The final submission consists of sections of those texts brought together with a contextual introduction and a reflective conclusion.

Assessed Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes:

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

1. Plan, undertake and evaluate an individual programme of professional development

Show an informed approach to planning and undertaking their own professional development.

Substantiate their evaluation of their professional development with (1) a discussion of well-chosen evidence and (2) an appropriate explanatory framework.

2. Give and receive effective peer feedback and evaluate how this has impacted on your own performance

Discuss specific examples illustrating engagement with effective peer feedback.

Evaluate the extent to which engaging in peer feedback has impacted on personal performance, in relation to specific examples.

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