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1. Please list the four criteria that must be met, or questions that must be answered, in a well-written objective, and include how the following objective meets or answers each one.

1. Please list the four criteria that must be met, or questions that must be answered, in a well-written objective, and include  how the following objective meets or answers each one.  “Reduce rates of Juuling among AU students by 30% by 2022.”  (Note:  This question is not asking about how to make an objective SMART.) (4 points)

2. Imagine President Burwell has tasked you with crafting a grant proposal to address food insecurity among AU students. Your first deliverable is a draft of Goals and Objectives. Without doing external research, name: 1 intervention (1 sentence) and 1 goal, 1 process objective, 3 impact objectives (1 learning, 1 behavioral, and 1 environmental) and 1 outcome objective. (One sentence per objective.) Please ensure that your objectives are SMART! (12 pts)

3. Please discuss the intended size and impact of your planned program by describing the multiplicity and dose of your intervention. (4 points)

4. Identify a behavior change theory reflected in your answers to Question 11. Please discuss how that theory underpins your approach. (4 sentences maximum.) (5 pts)

5. At President Burwell`s request, you have now been tasked with creating a logic model to guide the implementation of your intervention. Please write the following for the program you are designing (in the questions above). Please note: these do not need to be written as SMART objectives, but should reflect details/outcomes appropriate for a logic model. (6 pts) :

1. one input,
2. one activity,
3. one output,
4. one short-term outcome,
5. one medium-term outcome,
6. and one long-term outcome/impact.

1. Goal needs to clearly state your big picture hope for your program. For example, "Reduce prevalence of obesity among adults in Glenn County.

2. These need to be SMART objectives showing your inputs or process to achieve your goal. If it is going to include an exercise program, process might be: By 2021, hire 50 trainers to implement an exercise program across the county.

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3. These programs would be part of process. What happens as a result? What do people know, what skills do they

have, how have attitudes changed? For example, 80% of adults who participated in the program correctly

identify the elements of MyPlate.

4. How does behavior change? 50% of participants report eating 2 or more vegetables a day within 2 months of

completing the program.

5. good... can you write this as a SMART objective?

6. this should reflect your goal: Reduce prevalence of adult obesity in Glenn County by 50% by 2025.

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