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1. Recognise the role and significance of project planning within the international business environment

Knowledge and Understanding.

1. Recognise the role and significance of project planning within the international business environment

2. Identify project management requirements across a range of organisational contexts and structures

3. Demonstrate a critical understanding of a broad range of issues/techniques relating to project management including: planning, scheduling & resourcing, communications, team working and risk management

4. Use a range of established techniques to initiate and undertake project management problems, evaluating alternatives and proposing solutions

Transferable/Key Skills and other Attributes.

1. Effectively plan a project;

2. Demonstrate an appreciation of the difficulties of solving the practical difficulties that may arise in relation to projects and to have gained experience in searching for solutions to such difficulties;

3. Work with others to plan projects for time and risk, solve problems and communicate issues in relation to projects.


You are one of the project managers of the Green Power Project within the University of Salford. Your task is to evaluate the project against the criteria listed below, and propose how the project can deliver enhanced stakeholder value.

• Project mission / big idea

• Stakeholder expectations and engagement management;

• Project benefits and impact;

• Project objectives;

• Performance Measurement and Management of Quality;

• Project Plan Adherence and Resource Utilisation;

• Constraints and Risks Management;

• Financial evaluation, Sponsorship;

• Project Sustainability

• Considerations of the project impact and value generation. Word count Your report should be 3,000 words.

• The Executive Summary and the use of appropriate Tables, figures and illustrations as well as Appendices. will not be part of the total word count.

• The document submitted should be Word processed (letter size 12, times new roman, 1.5 space) and fully referenced (using the Harvard Referencing System)

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