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1. The director’s unifying vision. This will include a concept or a central metaphor.

Read the attached short play, Trifles. Using what you have learned, produce a power point showing how you would present this play as a director.  
Dream a little.
You can use any of the spaces here on campus.
Include the following in your presentation, in the order listed:
1. The director’s unifying vision.
This will include a concept or a central metaphor.
2. Pictures of your cast. You can cast any famous living actor you like.
Why are you casting these actors? Defend your choice for each actor.
3. Your space. Where on campus will you present this play and why? Please take several pictures of the location.
4. Your ground plan and/or rendering of the set. I don’t expect beautiful drawings. No pictures, please. No drawings from previous productions, please.
5. Your costume designs for 2 of the characters. You may use pictures or your own drawings. No drawings from previous productions, please.
6. Your lighting design for one scene. Describe colors, special effects, atmospheric effects, time of day, etc. No pictures or drawings from previous productions.
7. Your sound design. Include reinforcement, music, motivated, environmental sounds, etc. Attach MP3 or other playable files.
8. Will there be projections? If so, what would one scene look like?
9. List the Given Circumstances.
10. Show the beats for one page of the script.
Make sure you list all sources and include them at the end of the presentation.

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