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1. To understand what operations management is and the principal elements of business operations management.

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

1. To understand what operations management is and the principal elements of business operations management.

2. To understand the fundamentals for designing and planning processes and assess their performance impacts on organizational efficiency.

3. To understand ideas and techniques for managing materials flow and inventory efficiently.

4. Formulate an operations strategy.

5. Explain how to plan and manage an operations function and report on the optimum layout for specific types of process work flows and process technologies.

6. Evaluate methodologies that will assist with the management of change within operations management in order to improve the overall competitiveness of the business.

After triggering article 50, UK started negotiations to leave the European Union (EU). The process has wide implications not only to immigration but also to business operations in the UK, EU and the world at large. The current UK’s demand in this negotiation is to have full access and benefits to the single market without any exception. UK is a great nation with a strong economy and business relations with many countries across the world (Horan 2016).

In your role:

1. You have been employed as an operations management consultant by the UK’s chamber of commerce to advise them on the future challenges that the specific industry you chose, and operation managers will face after the Brexit.

2. Identify and analyze the new operations management roles that will be needed in the UK’s for the Company/Industry you chose to cope with competition after Brexit.

3. Formulate a plan and outline an operations strategy for the chosen company/industry and the operations manager in the event that the UK did not get a favorable full access to the EU single market.

(Tips consider manufacturing/operation process, project management, supply chain management, marketing functions, etc).

(NB: Use relevant theoretical and conceptual models to support your analysis).

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