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1. Using the Big 5 personality factors as your reference point, answer the question “Can personality change?” Use theory and research to support your answer.

AUGUST 2019-2020







Answer ALL three of the questions overleaf using short and concise answers.  All three questions must be answered within the 24 hour deadline.

To answer the questions you will need to refer to theories and research that you have been introduced to during the course lectures and core readings.

The maximum word limit in total is 1000 words.  The word limit excludes in-text references.

Please note that you are NOT expected to spend 24 hours on answering your exam questions. You should be able to complete your assessment in around 120 minutes, but the amount of time you actually spend on this will not be monitored or recorded. 

Please submit your work as one document to the PSY1001 module site on Blackboard, with your ID number in the title (e.g. PSY1001_17018888).  Please insert and complete a new exam coversheet at the start of each of the three questions.  This is to make it easier for the markers to find their question.  Exam coversheets will be available from Blackboard.

You do not need to provide a list of references, but theories and previous research mentioned in your answers should be attributed to their authors.

You will not be penalised for incorrect formatting for in text references.


Answer ALL of the following questions.

1. Using the Big 5 personality factors as your reference point, answer the question “Can personality change?” Use theory and research to support your answer.

Make sure that you define all key terms, including the personality factors and take a stand when answering the question, using relevant research and theory to support your answer.

2. Define compliance and describe two compliance techniques (from the three covered in the lecture). For each technique, give an everyday life example (not the ones used in the lecture) and give one explanation for why the technique is effective.

From the lecture on Social Influence (week 8) select two compliance techniques. For each, describe the technique, give an everyday life example and give one explanation. For the examples, do NOT use the example scenarios from the lecture. 

3. Asch claimed that: “We look at a person and immediately a certain impression of his character forms itself in us” (Asch, 1946, p. 48). Does the evidence on impression formation support Asch’s claim?

Present and evaluate the evidence that detailed impressions form instantly from minimal information. In your answer be sure to select and explain relevant evidence (including succinct coverage of the methods used) and show critical evaluation of the quality of the evidence.

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