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1.1. Describe, investigate and analyse complex engineering systems and associated issues (using systems thinking and modelling techniques)


The assignments are designed to build up your learning of systems engineering principles. Each assignment has a score contributing to the final score of your course. None of the assignments is a hurdle, i.e. you just need to accumulate sufficient pass marks to pass the course, or sufficient high marks to achieve distinction or high distinction

The assignments in this course are all based on the development of a so-called Capability Baseline for a new proposed “Air-Deployable Amphibious Vehicle” system (ADAV).

Australia has a unique natural environment which is a large continent and has long coastal areas, with numerous islands, abundant marine resources, many rivers and lakes. The land has many complex terrains and at great distances from the populated areas. These characteristics increase the difficulty for the authorities such as the defence force (army and marine), police and other law enforcement agencies to carry out border protection, surveillance, patrol, disastrous events, firefighting, rescue missions, secret operations, etc. From a broader perspective, Australia is frequently involved in international collaborative missi

It is also important that a similar capability is available for use in overseas deployment as well. The ADAV not only operates on land but also floats on water and can be deployed by air. The new system should achieve a perfect cohesion of land and sea operations, improve the manoeuvrability of the authorities and reduce geographical barriers for faster response to events.

Learning Outcomes

1. Needs, Context and Systems

1.1. Describe, investigate and analyse complex engineering systems and associated issues (using systems thinking and modelling techniques)

2. Problem Solving and Design

2.1. Develop creative and innovative solutions to engineering problems

2.2. Anticipate the consequences of intended action or inaction and understand how the consequences are managed collectively by your organisation, project or team

3. Professional Practice

3.1. Initiate, plan, lead or manage engineering activities

3.2. Understand the scope, principles, norms, accountabilities and bounds of contemporary engineering practice in the specific discipline

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