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1.1 Explain the organisational benefits of a diverse workforce.

Resourcing Talent

This is an assignment brief for CIPD Resourcing Talent. You must clearly answer the factors which affect talent planining of an organisation its recruitment and selection policy as well. This should include the benefits of diverse workforce for an organisation and the factors which effect its approach to talent planning. All factors must be clear and consise while demonstrating what factors can affect the recruitment and selection policy of an organisation. This will give a successfull answer to your Learning Outcome 1.

1. Be able to explain the factors that affect an organisation’s talent planning, recruitment and selection policy.

1.1 Explain the organisational benefits of a diverse workforce.

1.2 Explain the factors that affect an organisation’s approach to talent planning

1.3 Describe the factors that affect an organisation’s recruitment and selection policy.

2. Be able to identify appropriate recruitment and selection methods.

2.1 Describe differentrecruitment methods and identify when itis appropriate to use them.

2.2 Describedifferent selectionmethods and identify when itis appropriate to use them.

3. Be able to contribute to the recruitment and selection interviewing process for a job role.

3.1 Developajobdescriptionandperson specification for an identified role.

3.2 Select appropriate recruitment channel(s) and draft material to attract talented individuals for an identified role.

3.3 Develop selection criteria and shortlist candidateapplicationsforinterviewforan identified role.

3.4 Participate effectively in a selection interviewandthedecision-makingprocess for an identified role.

3.5 Identify the records that need to be retained and write letters of appointment andnon-appointmentforanidentifiedrole

4. Understand the importance of effective induction.

4.1 Explainthepurpose,importance and benefits ofinduction to individuals and organisations.

4.2 Identify areas to be covered by induction and the roles ofthose involved in an induction process.

Your HR Director would like clarification on the organisation’s current approach to strategic talent planning. Write a short report on talent planning in organisations which:

• Identifies and explains 3 organisational benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse and global workforce • Identifies and explains 4 factors that affect a global organisation’s approach to attracting talent

• Describes 3 factors that affect a global organisation’s approach to recruitment and selection

• Describes the benefits of 3 different recruitment methods and 3 different selection methods and when it would be appropriate for a global organisation to use them

Activity 2

You currently work for a global organisation that is looking to recruit a generalist HR Officer who could be located in any of the global offices. It is imperative your recruitment methods reflect and attract candidates from the global talent pool. You are asking your candidates to send in video profiles alongside their application forms, detailing their experience and highlighting the skills and attributes they would bring to the role. Once these have been received you will undertake a selection exercise and a preferred candidate will then proceed to a telephone interview. To start the recruitment drive you will need to;

• Design a job description and person specification for your global generalist HR role.

• You should also compile a suitable job profile/brief/advert for your recruitment campaign – this is to be an online campaign utilising any professional social media network.

• Produce a short-listing matrix - (You will need to complete this and add justification as to your choice of preferred candidate from the video profiles received).

Activity 3 – observation and written Using your short-listing matrix, you should now choose a preferred candidate from the video profiles received. Contact your preferred candidate and arrange a suitable time for you to interview them. The interview should be conducted by telephone. You will need to have a suitable method to record the notes from the interview which may include a matrix and scoring system. The most important thing to consider when making your choice is that it is an organisational requirement that you record the interview as the Human Resource Director likes to review these and give feedback on your interviewing technique.

• You should conduct an interview with your preferred candidate. You will need to decide on whether to appoint or not and justify that decision.

• You must include a suitable method to record the notes from the interview e.g. an Interview matrix and scoring system

• After your interview, you should compile a letter for the successful candidate offering them the role and a letter that will also be sent to the unsuccessful candidates thanking them for their interest in the post.

• Finally, you need to provide written detail of the legal requirements for retaining and storing recruitment records on completion of the recruitment drive.

Activity 4 – Induction The HR Director is keen to ensure that the new candidate is inducted into the organisation efficiently and effectively. He would like you to complete the following to conclude the recruitment campaign.

• A summary of 250 words +/- 10% which explains: o 3 purposes of induction o How induction benefits both the employee and the organisation.

• Devise a one day induction plan that identifies: o the areas that will be covered, o who would deliver these topics o timelines involved for each area covered

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