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1.1 Analyse the indeterminate nature of employment relations.

DER assessment briefThis assessment is made up of three parts, assessment activity 1, assessment activity 2 and assessment activity 3.

CIPD learning outcomes and assessment criteria

The following table sets out the CIPD learning outcomes and associated assessment criteria:

1.1 Analyse the indeterminate nature of employment relations.

Learning outcomes

The learner will:

Assessment criteria

The learner can:

1 Understand the nature and context of employment relations.


1.1 Analyse the indeterminate nature of employment relations.

1.2 Compare and contrast unitarist and pluralist approaches to employment relations.

1.3 Assess a range of factors which impact on employment relations.

2      Know about employment relations legislation.

2.1 Describe and critique the essential features of the contract of employment.

2.2 Identify and analyse the main sources of UK and EU employment relations law-making.

2.3 Explain the main developments in individual employment law.

2.4 Assess and advise on the purpose and scope of statutory trade union recognition.

3      Understand contemporary developments in employee involvement and participation.

3.1 Explain the differences in employee involvement, participation and partnership.

3.2 Compare and contrast union and non-union forms of employee representation.

3.3 Assess the link between employee voice and organisation performance.

4      Know about different forms of conflict behaviour and dispute resolution.


4.1 Distinguish between conflict and misbehaviour, and between official and unofficial industrial action.

4.2 Assess contemporary trends in the type of conflict and industrial sanctions.

4.3 Explain what is required to advise, coach and guide line managers in the skills for effective grievance- and dispute-handling procedures.

4.4 Distinguish between third-party conciliation, mediation and arbitration.

You are required to prepare a briefing paper for newly appointed managers in Globex that provides the key information they need to know about employment relations legislation:

  • Briefly introduce why line managers need to understand employment relations legislation 1.1 Analyse the indeterminate nature of employment relations.
  • Explain the main legal requirements around the contract of employment including what the minimum requirements are, what employers may choose to include and wider influences on contractual working arrangements. (2.1)
  • Identifies and explain at least two sources (one of which should be the EU) of where UK employment relations legislation originates from (2.2)
  • Review two recent developments in individual employment rights and comment on their impact on employers and employees (2.3)
  • Explain the statutory trade union recognition and derecognition processes and consider why an employer may or may not want to recognise a trade union (2.4)

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