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2) Use LabVIEW to design a home automation system. The system specification is given below: i) Inside Room Measurements • Read the sensors’ data every 5 seconds

ELEC41010 Professional Development and Engineering Applications

The problem Home automation systems have gained popularity in recent years and a number of commercially available products have been designed. In home automation systems, data from different types of sensors is acquired and monitored to automate several processes. In this assignment, readings from humidity, temperature and PIR motion sensors will be obtained and monitored to design a home automation system. Alarm monitoring and control will be incorporated in order to monitor and set-off an alarm if the temperature or humidity moves above or below the specified limits. The solution will use the LabVIEW graphical development software to provide data acquisition, analysis and control.

1) Use MATLAB to realise a data acquisition system to monitor humidity, temperature and PIR motion sensors. You are required to log the sensors’ data in a CSV file. You can assume that the sensors’ data is obtained every 5 seconds and your programme should record 30 minutes of data. Assume the minimum and maximum temperature of the surrounding environment could be -10°C and 30°C respectively.

2) Use LabVIEW to design a home automation system. The system specification is given below: i) Inside Room Measurements • Read the sensors’ data every 5 seconds • Display of inside room temperature and humidity • Plot waveforms to indicate the trend of humidity and temperature

ii) Alarm monitoring • Activate alarm if inside room temperature or humidity is too low or high • Turn on an LED if there is any movement in the room

iii) Troubleshooting • Allow engineer to enter a password if the system needs to be repaired • Display of the sensors’ output voltage if the correct password is entered by an engineer

3) Build a Stand-Alone Application for the home automation system using LabVIEW. (5 marks)

4) Provide an analysis of how your LabVIEW programme operates. (10 marks)

5) Present an evaluation of your solution against the design specification, clearly showing areas which are above, meeting or below specification requirements. (10 marks)

6) Conduct research and find the components that would be required to implement the home automation system in hardware. You are required to present the required components in a table along with their cost. The reasons for choosing particular components should be included in the report. (15 marks)

7) Assignment layout and presentation. Please check “General information” at the front page.

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