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4. Critically evaluate own personal and professional development, and articulate their suitability for employment as a Registered Adult Nurse






Parent Programme Name

BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult)

Module Title

Adult Clinical Supervision and Professional Development 3

Module Code


Module Start Date / Cohort

September 2020 S18

Module Level


Assessment Type(s)

Conference style presentation Part 1

Word Length / Duration

2000 word equivalent

% contribution to module mark


Deadline (date & time) for Submission

Draft Submission

By 1400 02/12/20

Amended to 1400 05/01/21

Final Submission

1400 12/02/21

Format/Location of submission

Electronic Submission via Module Blackboard

Assessment Feedback

Assessments will be marked and feedback including grade will be returned to the student within 3 weeks.  If this is not going to be achieved, students will be notified by an announcement on Blackboard

Feedback on your assignment is given to you in three ways:
Firstly, through selected rubrics/ criteria (see below) that show how your work was classed against CCCU feedback criteria.

Secondly, written marker comments indicate some aspects of your work that that were either particularly strong or would benefit from further clarification or discussion as a collective summary.

Finally, you are awarded a summative percentage mark for the essay.

Should you wish to discuss your feedback further, in the first instance you should make an appointment with the marker via email.

If you are a student with special arrangements please make sure you upload your special arrangements front sheet to the beginning of your essay submission, (guidance given by student support). The marker will indicate in your feedback that your special arrangements have been considered in the marking of your submission.

Detailed Assessment Guidance

Part 1 – A conference style presentation (10 minutes duration) of an action plan based upon the topic identified for the Critical Review of Practice module, which considers their motivation for choice of topic and the potential personal, professional and organisational impact. (2000 words) (50% of module, 50% of grade)

The learning outcome that should be addressed by this assignment is :

4. Critically evaluate own personal and professional development, and articulate their suitability for employment as a Registered Adult Nurse

Specific Guidance:

Produce a narrated power-point of no more than 10 minutes based upon the topic you will be exploring for the Critical Review of Practice (CRoP) module, using the CRoP action plan to structure this presentation.


Clearly identify your topic and working title.

Problem/Issue Statement:

Explain why it is significant to

- current healthcare generally and

- adult nursing specifically

Outline any initial (pre-literature search) thoughts/opinions on the topic


Explore why you have chosen this topic consider here

- any personal engagement or experience with the topic?

- Does this relate to a potential area of future working/ employment?


Are you hoping to find evidence for a particular view/outcome/strategy in relation to the topic ?     OR

Is your study an open enquiry and you have no preference for what the outcome might be?

Either is acceptable

Literature Search Strategy:              

Identify key search terms words and show how these link to your topic (PICO).

Explain your choice of databases

Anticipated Impact:           

Personally e.g. more understanding of a health care issue which has affected you on a personal level.

Professionally e.g. an opportunity to develop more expertise in relation to a specialism you wish to work in.

Organisationally e.g. provision of evidence in relation to a change in practice you would like to see adopted.

Consider any sustainability aspects which might arise in these three categories.


Identify any barriers you have encountered in relation to this study and how you have (or intend to) overcome them

Preliminary Findings:         

Indicate any early findings and relate these to the sections above.

Draft Submission: For your draft submission (02/12/19) please submit a 2 minute narrated powerpoint which based on your response to the motivation section (above)

Guidance for producing and submitting the Narrated Powerpoint can be found in the assessment section of this module’s Blackboard

Contact for Queries

Support for the module is through the teaching team / group supervision facilitator (see handbook).

Module lead

Confidentiality/Anonymity Requirements

Due to the nature of the module content, issues relating to confidentiality & anonymity should not arise with this assessment, but students are expected to maintain confidentiality and anonymity at all times in line with the statement below:

Faculty of Health & Wellbeing Confidentiality  Statement            

What is meant by confidentiality?

Students are expected to abide by relevant Codes of Practice and maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality at all times.  Breaching confidentiality is also breaking the professional Codes of Practice.

The University and the Faculty of Health and wellbeing regard breaches of confidentiality as a very serious matter.

Students must protect the anonymity of time, place, and persons.  It should not be possible to identify patients, service users, clients, staff, carers, colleagues, peers, organisations, agencies and placement areas.

This includes

  • in any form of academic work
  • whilst on placements
  • informal conversations in public places eg on a bus or in a queue at the supermarket
  • social networking sites

Only information which is available in the public domain may be referenced to a specific organisation: however it is still essential that no patients, service users, clients, staff, carers, colleagues or peers’ details are identifiable. 

What should be included in academic writing?

Students should state explicitly that they have maintained anonymity rather than leave it unclear eg “All names of patients, service users, clients, staff, carers, colleagues, peers, organisations, agencies and placement areas have been changed in line with professional Codes of Practice”

In the case of including with assessed work documents that identify any such organisations, agencies and placement areas outlined above, the student must BLACK out /TIPPEX or redact the details and then make a photocopy of the document.  They must then only submit the photocopy so that there is no risk of being able to read the details and thereby breaching confidentiality.

If a student wishes to submit details from case notes, care plans reports etc. which may breach the confidentiality of patients, service users, clients, staff, carers, colleagues or peers, these should be retyped removing all identifying aspects rather than Tippex and photocopy as above.

What happens if confidentiality is breached?

A breach of confidentiality in level 5, 6 or 7 work will result in a mark of zero and subsequent requirement for resubmission.

Serious breaching of confidentiality may also result in further action such as referral to a Fitness to Practice panel.


Ethical Requirements

Confidentiality of patients / service users / placements must be made anonymised in your assignment. Ground rules for confidentiality in the group discussions will be established with the facilitator and will be observed by all members of the group.


Full Harvard referencing as per University policy CCCU Referencing.  

Marking Criteria

See below

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