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A. Causation in criminal law: problems, perspectives and the law. Discuss all the relevant issues posed by this topic.

Assignment research questions

Choose one research questions from the three below and write a research essay about it:

A. Causation in criminal law: problems, perspectives and the law. Discuss all the relevant issues posed by this topic.

B. Tom, Daisy and Harry are three passengers of a small chapter flight directed to London, traveling over a very the North Sea. Unfortunately, one stormy night, the plane is hit by a terrifying lightening. The strike causes a deep laceration in the hull and the plane miserably crashes and sink in the British sea nearby London before any rescuers can be alerted. The pilot James and the passengers Tom, Daisy and Harry get scattered across the sea.

Tom cannot swim, but after the crash manages to grasp a small wooden board, which allows him to survive and stay afloat. He hopes to reach somehow land or to be seen by rescuers. Few moments after Tom grasped the board, Harry approaches him and tries to get hold of the same board screaming he cannot swim either. The board is clearly too small to support the weight of both, and Tom, albeit reluctantly, kicks Harry away from the board. Harry drowns and disappears forever into the depths of the sea.

Later on, he reports the episode to the press. He is then charged with murder. Daisy manages to swim to Foulness Island – an island near London. The land is mostly desolated but there are few country huts. Daisy is drenched and desperately to find a refuge for the night and perhaps some food. She decides to break into one of the huts. She breaks the door, she enters, she steals some food and use a bed to sleep. The following day the owner of the hut comes back and finds the door broken and Daisy sleeping in his bed. He presses charges against her for burglary. Tom and Daisy seek the advice of their respective lawyers about the possibility of relying on any possible defences. Discuss all the relevant issues posed by this topic.

C. Vicarious liability and corporate criminal liability in the English criminal law: relationship and differences. Discuss all the relevant issues posed by this topic.


The objective is to demonstrate that you have sufficient knowledge and a critical understanding of the general part of criminal law and that you are able to do appropriate research also on topics not covered in class and produce a properly structured and referenced written essay drawing upon the most relevant sources, including books, legal articles, legislation, case law, etc

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