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a. Discuss the role of building comprehension and retention in improving quality of learning and increase academic achievement of students

Assessment 2 - Individual report (1500 words maximum)

Read the following article and do further research to answer the questions that follow

The concept of comprehension and retention 

Reading comprehension skill is often assumed by sociology instructors, yet many college students seem to have marginal reading comprehension skills, which may explain why less than half of them are actually doing the reading.  Sanctions that force students to either read or to pay a price are based on a rational choice model of behaviour—a perspective that many students seem to bring with them.  However, deep reading—reading for long-term retention of the material and for comprehension at a level that can be perspective-transforming—involves constructing meaning as one reads. Students need help developing reading strategies that enhance this process. 

Reading skills span a spectrum from the lower-order skills of remembering (retention) and understanding (comprehension) to higher-order skills of analysing and evaluating. This is not to say that retention and comprehension are unimportant. Rather, they are necessary in becoming a critical reader and thinker. After all, if you do not comprehend a text, how can you apply the information in your own research or profession? To develop your skills then, you should build a strong foundation in reading retention and comprehension.

Excerpts adopted from: Roberts, J. C. and Roberts, K. (2008) Deep Reading, Cost/Benefit, and the Construction of Meaning: Enhancing Reading Comprehension and Deep Learning in Sociology Courses. Teaching Sociology, Vol. 36 (2) pp. 125-140

a. Discuss the role of building comprehension and retention in improving quality of learning and increase academic achievement of students

b.            Evaluate the obstacles pertaining to building comprehension and retention


c.             Draw conclusions based on these key points.


You are advised to support your discussion with at least Ten sources published during the last ten years.


This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:

LO2: Identify techniques for building comprehension and retention


LO4: Use of library information and media services

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