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(a) Explain how the construction industry has developed and encompassed professionalism within its structures.



Please follow the scenario below


You have been working for a medium sized family-owned construction firm. Much of the work of this firm has been in private residential work, but under new management there is a desire to begin to undertake larger scale non-domestic work. In order for this change to be managed effectively, the company will need to change its structure. The management team recognises a relationship between the structure of the company and the relationships that they may form, through contracts, tendering and other activities.

You have been asked to prepare a report on the different options available to the company, in terms of company structure, and the benefits and/or challenges that the options present.

They were the winning bidder to be the principal contractor on a new purpose built industrial park .

This assignment has four sections in line with the four learning outcomes covered by all Tasks provided starting with an initial holistic scenario acting as a case study:



Part 1 Describe the construction industry with reference to company structures and other activities


(a) Explain how the construction industry has developed and encompassed professionalism within its structures.

(b) Demonstrate the scope and linkage between all parties within a construction organisation. In general and with respect to the scenario provided.

(c) Identify different types of contractual work tendered by contractors and justify the use of the specific type of tender for the given industrial complex scenario.

(d) Analyse how the construction industry has developed overall in terms of company structures, its employees and contracted work. Justify the company structure you will choose for the current scenario.

(e) Critically evaluate how construction companies have developed their structure and business ethos. What is its impact on the scenario provided?




PART 2 Explain different types of construction companies within the market and their relationships within the tendering process


(a) Identify the different types of construction companies in the market and the key features of different types. Suggest the type of Construction Company for the given scenario and justify its suitability.

(b) Explain the relationship that may exist between the companies working on the construction project.

(c) Analyse the link which connects construction companies.

(d) Compare the main factors which differentiate between construction company contracts and tenders.


PART 3 Discuss the key stages in a construction project, and how Building Information Modelling informs the different stages


(a) Identify, with examples, modern construction processes and sequences used within today’s industry, highlighting the way they respond to sustainability needs in the current scenario.

(b) Explain contract planning techniques used within micro and macro projects. Choose the most suitable contract planning techniques for the current scenario and justify their suitability.

(c) Identify where BIM impacts upon operations and construction companies in the current scenario

(d) Analyse how construction has developed in terms of innovation, designs, and within contracts for micro and macro projects, and the interrelationship with BIM. How it will benefit the current scenario.




Part 4  Analyse how the construction industry has developed suitable collaboration strategies in support of greater recognition of health & safety


(a) Explain how health & safety has now become an integrated part of the construction process.

(b) Describe the government legislation which has benchmarked health & safety within construction. In general and with reference to the current scenario.

(c) Discuss the role of collaboration and communication in ensuring safe working practices. By considering the current scenario as an example.

(d) Demonstrate how the construction industry has benefited through changes in health & safety legislation.

(e) Evaluate the impact of health & safety legislation, how it has evolved the drivers for it, and its advantages or weaknesses within construction.


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