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A key responsibility of the Healthcare Practitioner is to contribute to the health, safety and safeguarding of all service users in their care.

Unit 18: Innovation and Improvement through Action Research

UnitLearning Outcomes:

1 Review the role of research in strategies to improve health and wellbeing

2 Develop a methodological framework for action research into health and wellbeing improvement

3 Carry out action research towards improvements in health and wellbeing

4 Examine the impact of research findings with regard to service improvement And own professional development.

Part 1 Presentation

Scenario A key responsibility of the Healthcare Practitioner is to contribute to the health, safety and safeguarding of all service users in their care. But what does this mean? In an ever-changing, increasingly complex health and social care environment, our understanding of the role, duties and responsibilities of the practitioner in protecting service users continues to evolve. One thing we are sure of is that evidence-based strategies to health, safety and safeguarding contribute significantly to improving the health and wellbeing outcomes for service users, their families and practitioners alike. The implications of ineffective, inefficient, poorlyresearched or out-of-date approaches to protection can be very serious – not only affecting the experience, health and wellbeing, and outcomes of service users and their families, but also practitioners’ own wellbeing and safety, professional opportunities and career. To be effective in their role, it is crucial that the healthcare practitioner actively recognises this and embeds a continuous enquiry-based approach to their work in protecting service users; including respecting and upholding service users’ agency, views and rights in this regard. This is not only to be responsive to changes in legislation, policy and guidance but also to take an active role in their own personal and professional growth and development, and to support the continuous improvement of the services they provide.

Prepare a discussion and present the research study and findings to an audience for 10 minutes. Your discussion should present findings and relate these back to the literature you have found to assess whether it is similar, extends or offers alternative findings. You should include references using the Harvard referencing system and present your data analysis in an appropriate format. Your presentation should include:  The research title, questions and reasons for research  Key literature found  Participants and methods used for data collection  Methods used for data analysis  Key findings and how they relate to current literature  The impact of findings on health and wellbeing improvement locally and globally.

Part two: Report

Theme: Health, Safety and Safeguarding through the Lifespan  In the context of the health, safety and safeguarding of service users and others, the healthcare practitioner should be rigorous and critical in their approach, be willing to challenge and question themselves and others towards informing and improving practices in their work. This developmental approach is most effective when underpinned by evidence and the healthcare practitioner should utilise the principles and practice of research in their day-to-day practice in the protection of service users.

Activity: Produce a report that reflects on your research journey and the implications of your research on your own practice and that of your organisation. Your report should introduce the research question you intend to have answered, based on the theme and topic area provided, together with your rationale for choosing this question and the additional questions you want to ask to answer the overarching research question. When choosing your research question, focus on something that interests you and that you can research in your own area of practice, based on the theme and topic allocated to you

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