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a) The difference between Continual Professional Development (CPD) and Personal Development Plan (PDP). A typical CPD chart should be presented. Circa 300 words. [Mark 10]

Assignment Brief: Prepare your portfolio; submit by Turnitin. Build the portfolio up during the progress of the module. ONE document required (Word format). Your portfolio to include:

1. The following is from an HSE case study: The lower half of an aqueous ammonia tank was replaced as part of a maintenance task. When the tank was test filled, it began to over pressurise and the feed line to the tank was found to be leaking. Filling was halted. A maintenance crew repaired the feed line and checked the pressure relief line. The attempt to fill the tank was not reported to the shift supervisor. He recorded in his logbook that the tank was empty. It actually contained 50 to 150 litres of aqueous ammonia. The supervisor of the next shift issued a permit for mechanics to disconnect pipework from the tank as part of the maintenance operation. It is believed that the ammonia-air mixture in the tank was ignited by grinding operations nearby. The tank exploded with the top of the tank being projected 60 metres. Fortunately, no one was injured but there was considerable plant damage.

The lack of communication between the maintenance crew and the shift supervisor was clearly a contributory factor in accident causation. Critically appraise how such a failure might have occurred and suggest measures that could be taken to prevent such an occurrence. Circa 500 words2. Survey the professional bodies relevant to your discipline to determine the fees; (students’ membership for many is free). Critically appraise the importance of being a member in one of the professional bodies. Circa 500 words. [Mark 15]. If you are currently a member of one professional body in your discipline – please, attach a copy of your membership ‘card’ or a paper copy of proof of membership.

3. In small groups (around 5 students), you are to devise a training session explaining;

a) The difference between Continual Professional Development (CPD) and Personal Development Plan (PDP). A typical CPD chart should be presented. Circa 300 words. [Mark 10]

b) Critically appraise the importance of both the CPD and PDP. Circa 300 words

4. Explain the requirements and process for you to become a Chartered member of your discipline professional body; beyond the completion of your degree. Circa 300 words. [Mark 10].

5. Choose three professional bodies relevant to your discipline and compare their ethical codes. Circa 300 words. [Mark 10]

6. Whether or not you may wish to complete one, appraise one University Master’s degree programme; full-time or part-time; attendance or distance learning. State the cost of the programme and briefly assess potential funding opportunities. Circa 300 words. [

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