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A.C 1.1 Explain (at least 3 organizational benefits) of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.


Unit 11 Resourcing Talent (RTO)

The assessment can either be based on the Netporter case study

Provided in attached file: (01-Warehouse Manager - Job Description)

Part 1

HR Planning & Factors Affecting Resourcing and Talent Policy (AC 1.1, 1.2, 1.3).

400 words

A.C 1.1 Explain (at least 3 organizational benefits) of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

A.C 1.2 Explain the factors that affect an organization’s approach to talent planning through:

Describing what HR Planning is (also known as Talent Planning), its benefits and how you think it might assist your company

A.C 1.3 Describe the internal and external factors (at least 2 of each) that might affect an organization’s recruitment and selection policy, including consideration of internal factors such as business objectives, culture, and structure and external factors including legislation, ethics, and the economy.




Part 2

Job Analysis (AC 3.1)


No restriction on word count

As a result of the growth plans for Netporter.com, you need to recruit a new Warehouse Manager. You have an established job description for this role (see appendix ii) which you can use for the skills assessment. However, before you do so:

Provided in attached file: (02- Person Specs Form)



1.Firstly, you need to review and revise the existing Job description for the (Warehouse Manager) role so that it is more structured, detailed, and reflective of best practice.

i.e. grade, response for who?, reporting for who?, Qualification, Essential skills, Desirable skills, specifically required tasks, experience,... etc


2.Secondly you need to compile a person specification document for the role where you identify the essential and desirable criteria needed.

Part 3

Recruitment and Selection Methods (AC 2.1, 2.2) Use a schedule to do

500 words

A.C 2.1

A- List and explain 2 significant benefits and 2 possible disadvantages from using social media/networking as a form of recruitment method for organizations.


significant benefits

possible disadvantages







B- Describe 2 further (recruitment method’s) that could be used to attract candidates to your vacancy, and when it is appropriate to use them.

i.e. company website, Agencies, Newspapers, Emails, ... etc


Recruitment Method’s








A.C 2.2
List and describe 3 different (selection methods) companies can utilize to select the right candidate for the job. Discuss when it is appropriate to use these selection methods.

i.e. interview, Test, Assessment, Assessment centres, References, Work samples... etc.


Selection Method’s











Your task continued:

Part 4

Advertising & Short-listing (AC 3.2, 3.3)

200 words –advert only

You have decided to continue with advertising in the local press and on the company’s website for recruitment purposes with a panel interview for short-listed candidates.

A.C 3.2 Select an appropriate recruitment channel(s) and draft an advert for the role of (Warehouse Manager) to appear on both the company’s website and in local newspapers. In so doing, you should take account of the role requirements, the need to attract candidates in the market, any legal requirements and the general effectiveness of the layout of the advert including any ‘call to action’ on the part of candidates. The deadline for submission of applications and CV’s should be 2 weeks from the date of the advert. (need to cover all the adv. Details like,

A.C 3.3

No restriction on word count

Develop selection criteria and shortlist candidate application according to the criteria from three applicant CV’s you have been given

provided in attached file:

(03- Warehouse Manager - RTO - 3 CV`s)

(04- Warehouse Manager - Shortlisting Sheet)

As evidence of this task you will need to submit the completed shortlisting matrix, which demonstrates, criteria, scoring and importantly justifications. You can either scan a handwritten copy or you can use the soft copy and type the content into the document.


Part 5

Making the Offer & Induction (AC 3.5, 4.1, 4.2)

See word count instructions below


A.C 3.5 You have made a decision on the candidate you would like to offer to (it doesn’t have to be the candidate you interviewed for the skills assessment);


1.Summarise briefly what records from the recruitment and selection process need to be retained and stored with an explanation of the legal requirements

(100 words)

= I think you can use this with rewrite:

"Information Security Policies and Procedures"

The guide is based on the Computer Emergency Response Centre with statutory responsibilities. This is under Act No., 194, which is issued on 19th June 2007 with the assigning and developing the promulgation of the information security (CITC, 2011).

2.Draft an offer letter for the successful candidates including what you think are the essential elements of the offer and requesting appropriate information required from the successful candidate for legal reasons

(200 words)

It must include all the details, for example: the beginning of work, the required documents, the salary, the request for confirmation of acceptance of the offer, the signature of the candidate, the signature of the hiring official, the company stamp, the date of the offer… etc

3.Draft a rejection letter for non-successful candidates

(100 words)


You now need to plan for the induction of the new (Warehouse Manager) before they start.  Therefore, write a summary covering the following:

(500 word)

A.C 4.1 The purpose, importance, and benefits of induction for an individual and the organization

A.C 4.2

What the induction for (Warehouse Manager) should cover,

who should be involved and the relevant timescales for the induction process

(this should be in the form of a plan or schedule which should cover a 12-week period)

= I do this table, recheck please:
















Sending the offer to the candidate














Receiving the candidate confirmation














Request a medical check-up














Contract signing














Sending the starting date to the candidate














Arranging the workplace for the new employee

HR, Line Manager, Management of purchases and warehouses













Adding the candidate name in the ERP system














Sending a letter to finance for salary

HR, Line Manager,  and Finance













Sending a letter to IT to create a username for the new employee

HR, Line Manager, and IT













Arrange a meeting with new employee and line manager

HR, and Line Manager













Send a welcome letter

HR, and Line Manager














HR, and Line Manager













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