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Analyse and evaluate the major features of national and international employment markets from which organisations source staff and ways in which these markets evolve or change.

Summative Assessment (40572/20) 7RTM

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Analyse and evaluate the major features of national and international employment markets from which organisations source staff and ways in which these markets evolve or change.
  2. Play a leading role in the development and evaluation of resourcing and talent management strategies, diversity management and flexible working initiatives.
  3. Manage recruitment, selection and induction activities effectively, efficiently, lawfully and professionally.
Assessment brief/activity

You work in the head office of a rapidly growing UK based budget hotel chain which has a focus on providing high quality, but basic services. The HR Director is aware that the hotel chain has been experiencing problems with the resourcing of staff in both managerial and reception roles. This has been attributed to the unsociable hours, as well as the extensive responsibility of the roles. Staff turnover in both these roles is much higher than the sector’s average and a great concern for the organisation.

The hotel chain also has discrimination cases pending which, when reviewing turnover and current staffing, it is suggested that there is a large numbers of females leaving both roles and practically all managers are now male. Current reception staff are working extra shifts to cover shortages of staff especially in London and the South East. The reward package is above the norm for this segment of the sector. The reception and management roles are made up of full time and part time permanent staff as the hotel has a commitment to staff and to the high quality services they provide. Contracts have mobility clauses (staff may be required to work in any of the hotels within their region) these have only recently been utilised however. Shift hours are fixed although the days and nights staff are required to cover frequently change.

The organisation is concerned about some of these resourcing issues. Your new HR Director has asked you to produce a proposal in the form of a 3000 word report which draws on examples of organisational practice and academic literature to provide a rationale for a new resourcing and retention strategy.

Your proposal should provide the HR Director with an analysis and evaluation of the following:

  • the key features of the employment market, such as labour trends that may impact on the recruitment and retention of suitable candidates for the roles
  • recruitment, selection and induction practices which are: effective, efficient, lawful and professional and are appropriate to each of the roles in question
  • retention strategies, diversity management and flexible working initiatives that will address the issues experienced by the hotel chain

The analysis and evaluation should provide a rationale for new resourcing and retention strategy which will enhance employee retention and thus facilitate employee diversity, and support flexible working initiatives.

All submissions should be in the region of 3,000 words plus or minus 10% and references should be added in the Harvard Referencing Format. There is a Harvard Referencing tutorial in the Resources Area which outlines the formatting required.

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