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Apply comprehensive and systematic nursing assessment for individuals with mental health problems, their carers and families and colleagues


Module 5012MHN


Assessment needs and planning care across the lifespan


Written Report


Assignment Guidelines

Assignment Brief:             

The student will write a 2000 word (excluding references) written report. The written report must be written in the third person.  The report can be based on either one of the scenarios provided or the student can select a service user they have worked with in a previous practice placements. The assignment will draw upon relevant theoretical concepts to inform a systematic approach to assessment and care delivery. Appropriate references must be evident with national and /or professional guidelines to support your clinical judgements and shared decision-making processes.

Assignment focus:

The written report needs to clearly focus upon one case scenario provided or a service user the student has cared for in clinical practice can be selected.

If the student selects a case scenario from clinical practice, please do not contravene a breach of confidentiality by identifying the name of the service user or the location of the clinical setting. Any contravene of confidentiality will result in an automatic fail.

The assignment should offer: -

A clear structure that is logical, sequential, and systematically progressive in nature.

The context and content should reflect a contrast and balance of ideas, and reasoning to support the discussion, focused on the intended learning outcomes  cited below:-

  1. Apply comprehensive and systematic nursing assessment for individuals with mental health problems, their carers and families and colleagues
  2. Demonstrate the importance of physical health and health promotion in relation to mental health assessment and in planning person-centred nursing care
  3. Demonstrate how assessment informs clinical judgement and decision making process in mental health care
  4. Develop an individualised plan of care as a result of your comprehensive person –centred assessment

The student is required to write the report using the following sub- headings 

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Case presentation /discussion
  4. Case formulation
  5. Person centred care with attached care plan as an appendix
  6. Conclusion
  7. References
  8. Appendix

Suggested assignment guidelines/structure:

You are required to use the sub-headings to organise your report.

The student may wish to consider the following assignment guide to help them plan the content and structure of the written report.

The number of words suggested is only a guide for each segment.




The introduction begins with a general statement to introduce the main subject area and to set the context for the discussion.  such as

  • A statement/ definition of the importance of the topic and the context ,background of assessment / and care delivery
  • Introduce  how the assignment will focus on the learning outcomes
  • Introduce the case scenario/study you have chosen
  • Include statements dealing with confidentiality were necessary


Suggested word count




Background information refers to the service users history of real life situations and circumstances which is essential to understanding in that individual’s personal journey and presenting difficulties:- Such as

  • Social history
  • Physical history
  • Work history
  • Relationships
  • Interests and coping skills
  • Substance use
  • Past psychiatric care

Within the discussion the student can make links to informed evidence based literature, to how life events can influence a person’s health presentation; for example the receptacle relationship between physical health and mental health.

Not all of the themes mentioned need to be addressed. Your choice of case scenario will determine the content to cover


Case presentation/discussion


The case presentation is the main body of the assignment where the student will discuss, analysis and evaluate the assessment material presented, using evidence based literature. Such as the following suggested themes: - The first 10 themes cited refer to  your learning outcomes and should be addressed within your report

  1. The clients presenting problems/ Understanding of the current presentation
  2. Mental State Assessment
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Assessment tools used and pros and cons of the tools
  5. Health promotion linked to physical health
  6. Clinical decision making
  7. Care clusters
  8. NICE clinical guidelines and care pathways
  9. Holistic nursing assessment including carers and families/cultural and spiritual
  10. Demonstrate and understanding of the care required through therapeutic communication
  11. Models/ framework of assessments (e.g. Bio-psychosocial)
  12. Medical diagnosis if any
  13. Signs and symptoms of the condition/ Psychological distress
  14. Engagement and communication skills used
  15. Medication management
  16. Policy frameworks
  17. Hurdles to assessment

The case presentation section offers the student with an opportunity to explore and address the learning outcomes in greater depth.


Case formulation

(case level)

The written report requires the student to develop a case level formulation which is a product of the assessment based on factual evidence. A formulation can be summed up as; Why does the person have these problems at this time and what factors are maintaining the problem.

Case level formulation structure:-

student can start to outline an initial plan of care under the following headings:-

  • problem list
  • activating events/triggers
  • origins of the condition
  • treatment goals
  • predicted obstacles to treatment
  • protective factors/strengths



Person centred care  content

Formulating a systematic plan of care is as essential part of mental health nursing. The care delivered should be tailored to the persons individualised holistic needs. Within this section the student needs to demonstrate the ability to develop and evaluate a plan of care as a result of your assessment (learning outcome 4). To demonstrate the process of care planning the following suggested themes and structure may be helpful as a guide.

  • A brief  introduction about care planning related to policy in practice and the importance of the recovery approach
  • Demonstrate decision making  within your discussion through the development of goal setting
  •  Choose a conceptual framework of care planning such as the following: -
    Lloyd (2010).AIPE framework (assess, plan, intervention and evaluate)
    Peplau model(1952)
    Tidal model(2005)
    Recovery star outcome approach
    Care programme approach(CPA DH2008)
  • Link your care delivery to NICE guidelines and care pathways


Complete a person centred care plan

Formulate a care plan from the identified needs from your written report/ assessment and attach as an appendix.



The student is summarising what has been discussed and can reiterate some of the key points. No new information is required







Instructions for submission:

  •  An electronic copy of your coursework should be submitted through Turnitin on the 5012MHN Moodle page. Please follow the instructions on the Moodle page. You are NOT required to submit a hard copy of your essay.
  • You can check your essay for plagiarism content using Turnitin. Please follow the Turnitin instruction’s and carefully read the Universities plagiarism rules on the Moodle site and adhere accordingly.
  • Please ensure that you keep an electronic copy of your coursework in case of query.

 Submission date:  before midnight: 18:00 hrs/ 6pm via Turnitin 

  • Please only put your student identification number (S.I.D) and the essay title above on your front sheet to allow for anonymous marking.
  • Record word count
  • Format: Third person
  • Font: Ariel 11
  • Spacing 1.5


If the student selects a case scenario from clinical practice, please do not contravene a breach of confidenality, such as by identifying the name of the service user or the location of the clinical setting. Any contravene of confidentiality will result in an automatic fail.

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