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Apply the principles and practices of accounting, and operations to make decisions supporting business efficiency and effectiveness

Assessment 1 task 4

Aim: To apply principles and practices of various business function to a realistic business scenario.

Learning outcomes covered:

  • LO 1: Apply the principles and practices of accounting, and operations to make decisions supporting business efficiency and effectiveness
  • LO 2: Understand and apply practices of Human Resource Management, Sales and Marketing to support business efficiency and effectiveness

Task / description:

Part A: Internal marketing (6%)


Using Somby`s Café Case Study as your guide, answer the following questions.

  1. Develop and illustrate a service blueprint diagram for Somby’s Café based on the customer’s experience.  
  2. Based on the service blueprint in question 1, what are the variability moments that you can identify? 
  3. From identifying the variability moments, what suggestions would you give to Anna in working towards a ‘seamless’ service for customers? 

Part B: External marketing (10%)


  1. Use the Competitor analysis template below to complete a marketing mix analysis on a product or service provider of your choice. Further instructions on the criteria for choosing a product or service are located in the template.

Also using the Somby`s Café Case Study, Anna is looking for some marketing advice:

  1. Explain two advantages and two disadvantages of a business that operates from a Sales Orientation philosophy and a business that operates from a Marketing Orientation philosophy.
    NOTE: you may find this easier to illustrate using a table format.
  2. Apart from customers and staff, what other micro and macro factors does Anna need to consider for future planning purposes at Somby’s Café when she is thinking about attracting new customers and retaining existing customers? Explain your rationale for each factor discussed.

Part C: Sales (4%)


  1. Identify four suitable KPI’s (including two Sales KPI’s), that Anna could use from Somby’s Café and explain why they are useful, how the information could be used for future marketing decisions/ideas and when you would recommend that each KPI is measured (time of year and frequency).


  • Use Microsoft Word or similar to create this assessment
  • It is expected that your work will be written to an adequate academic standard. APA referencing of resources is required.
  • You must submit your work by the due date to avoid any penalties.
  • Please read the accompanying marking rubric to ensure that you are meeting all of the marking criteria and have included all necessary information.

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