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Appraise research techniques, and refine objectives and scope for a substantial piece of work.

Assessment Informa3on/Brief 2019-20 To be used for all types of assessment and provided to students at the start of the module. Information provided should be compatible with the detail contained in the approved module specification although may contain more information for clarity. Module 3tle BIT Project 2 CRN 39264 Level 6 Assessment 3tle Final Project Report Weigh3ng within module This assessment is worth ti5% of the overall module mark

Assessment task details and instruc3ons Form and Content of the Final Project Report Due to the varied nature of individual projects, each one will require different wri_en sections. However, the general style of layout should be similar to that in academic works and journals. That is, there should be an introduction, the main body of the work, a conclusion, and a final reference list. Harvard referencing style should be utilised. The practical work that took place must also be represented (pictures and/or screenshots may be used). You should discuss a drac outline of your project report with your adviser as they will be the first marker for your report. The final project report should be 5000 words. Do not include references in the word count. You must state the word count at the end of your report.

Assessed intended learning outcomes

On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding

§ Appraise research techniques, and refine objectives and scope for a substantial piece of work.

§ Manage, sustain, report on and critically appraise a substantial piece of work.

§ Create socware, or other practical outcomes/deliverables from their work, as part of a documented requirements process ]

§ Demonstrate an understanding how of to write a substantial document in a clear, precise and unambiguous manner Transferable Skills and other

Attributes 1: (Communication)

• Take part in discussions

• Read and respond to written material

• Produce written material

2: (Problem Solving)

• Implement solutions

• Evaluate outcomes and methods

3: (Managing Own Learning & Performance)

• Set targets and plan action

Follow plan to meet your targets

• Appraise progress and revise plans accordingly

• Reflect on planning and outcomes

Module Aims

1. To allow the student to implement a previously defined project, related to an aspect of the degree programme, in depth and produce a scholarly and critical report as a result. This must include original work of a practical or research nature

2. To encourage a critical awareness of the systems development lifecycle through the application of recognised approaches, which may include innovations in the processes or proposed solutions.

3. To provide the opportunity for the student to demonstrate synthesis of information, ideas and practices, in the development of an innovative and creative solution together with an evaluation of that solution

4. To encourage the student to demonstrate original thought, and the ability to structure knowledge in a manner that will improve understanding. Word count/ duration

Your report should be 5000 words (+/- 10%). Content beyond the specified word count will not considered for marking purposes.

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